Picture of Belt and Shoes Makeover

Save some cash and makeover your old accessories with multi-surface paint for back to school!

Step 1: Watch the video tutorial here!

I've been on here forever and this is the first comment I've ever dropped. this kind of thing I'm sure has been done before but this, I have to say, this is the coolest idea ever! my idea jug is overflowing now!
Mark Montano (author)  whyuneedmyname41 year ago
Glad you liked it why4! Thanks for commenting!

Love the socks! Nice job!

Mark Montano (author)  johnstat0001 year ago

Thanks. Love those socks. They match everything.

Oh, geez... I think my brain just exploded as I was contemmplating the possibilities.

This looks awesome and cool!

seamster1 year ago

Nice. I like the green shoes a lot. Does the paint tend to crack and eventually flake off? Or does it stay pretty flexible?

Mark Montano (author)  seamster1 year ago
I put the varnish on them and it worked well!