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    let me guess...is that the leatherman core in that picture.


    7 years ago

    Nice looking knife. MIGHT want to wash it?? Well, I guess everyone knows where their belt's coming from.... Good idea. :-)

    hey where do you get that kind of belt buckle from?

    1 reply

    I got it from a belt that was too small for me. Look around your local department stores and you'll probably be able to find one like it

    I need to find one of these... I've been trying to get a seat belt to make a belt out of but I'm pretty sure that won't happen. Anyway good job :D

    6 replies

    I kind of liked those seatbelt ones, but they've become so common that there not unique any more. Thanks!

    Yeah they have gotten pretty common. If I wasn't so lazy I would finish making the belt I started a week or so ago.

    One out of newspaper like those candywrapper chains people make. I have like 4 "links" on it XD

    Haha thanks, I'll need it :P I've been "working" on it for like a week now. I'm pretty sure if it get's done it'll be late at night when I'm super duper bored.

    BTW, about the laser cutter contest, if i do win it would be donated to the Santa Fe Complex. I wouldn't count on it happening, but they really deserve it.