Ben decides it’s time to create a brawling robot game he’s wanted to build for a while. He builds mechanical robots and uses servos to make them punch as well as move side to side. The servos are hooked up to the Intel Galileo board that is serving up a webpage with controls that can be accessed on a phone. Fight!

Visit http://software.intel.com/iot - to view more IoTprojects and get access to your own developer kit! For more Ben make sure you visit http://element14.com/tbhs

<p>I think there should be some targets on the bots and then some form of &quot;weapon&quot; attached to the hands (i was thinking foam and knives/pins/skewers).</p>
<p>No way... Ben Heck's on Instructables?!? Love the show and can't wait to see more builds!</p>
I watch your builds whenever I get some time and love your projects. Really happy to see you on instructables. :)
<p>hilarious and very entertaining. i watch your show regularly and this is the first time i have seen one on instructables</p>
<p>Would love to see more content here in lieu of a repost from Youtube. </p>

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