Picture of Ben Richards - Running Man Costume
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Hey Everybody,

I have had this fascination with 80's movies for a long time maybe because I am an 80's baby.  The Running Man has been one of my favorite movies because to some extent we kind of do live in a world that is controlled by TV and the flow of information that is being broadcasted is designed to scare and to sell us (i.e. Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother).  Not to mention the endless barrage of Arnold one liners that I plan to use all night while wearing this costume. (i.e. "Hey light bulb, hey there Christmas tree")

This movie was the predecessor to all these tv shows.  I have decided to make a Ben Richards(Arnold Schwarzenegger)  Running Man outfit for Halloween.  Plus, I am making two of them since my friend plans to be Haddad (one of the winners from the previous Running Man season)  I do not have much time less than 23 days left, but I know its possible.

Things needed:
(per costume, since the colors are different)

Yellow skin suit (around $34.99), and Green one for my friend.
Thin Foam Padding (arts and crafts store, or fabric store)
Sewing Machine (to stitch it all together, sewing machine skills required, can be done by hand but would take forever)
2 cans of spray paint ($3.99 for the , stencils, and accent colors on the suit)
Cardboard and box cutter or a sharp knife (for stencils)
Painters tape, or duck tape
OPTIONAL: Arnold Mask ($24.99 I'm not getting one but this would complete the outfit)

If by any chance, you have not seen the movie, because your not a fan, or your too young to know what it is, here is a youtube link of the full film. 
I found it while looking for pictures to upload here.
Interesting costume! It would be awesome if you put a picture of your finished costume first :)
sumrandom1 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks, and I listened to your suggestion, put up the only 2 pix I have of me and my friend wearing the costume on the first page