Ben Wytinck DIY Album Sleeve Instructional Sneak Peek




Introduction: Ben Wytinck DIY Album Sleeve Instructional Sneak Peek
Ben Wytinck, owner/founder of Ben W Music is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Percussionist, Producer/Engineer. In July of 2009 he released his debut self titled album which he designed himself. To this day Ben has built every one of his album cases/sleeves (sometimes with help from his skilled friends). He also wanted others to learn how every sleeve was put together, so he put together a DIY DVD full of goodies like "Live In The Studio", a "Tips & Rules" tutorial, and of course an instructional video of how to build your very own album sleeve. He put together a kit which contained his debut album, the DVD, the raw album art, and a personal thank you to the purchaser of the kit. If you are interested in acquiring a DIY kit, click on the link here: DIY Album Kit



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