A bench without a cushion is like a bench without a cushion; uncomfortable. That is why it is so important to make bench cushions. Benches need to be comfortable and a cushion is a shortcut to comfort. You will be amazed how much more comfortable your bench will be with this cushion sitting on top of it.

This particular cushion is designed for a bench with a 12" x 92.5" seat. You can make the bench by following these instructions.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

To make a 92.5" cushion you will need:

3 yards x 60" x 1/2" Foam Sheeting
3 yards of thick polyester batting
3 yards x 60" fabric for cushion
1 spool matching thread
A ruler
Sewing machine

<p>Thanks for writing this indestructible! How do you attach the cushion to the bench so it does not slide around?</p><p>I am trying to build a reading nook, by the upstairs window, and I don't want the pillow to be sliding around<br></p><p>Thanks!<br></p>
<p>I didn't attach it. I suppose you could use some adhesive backed velcro on the bench, and sew non-adhesive backed to the cushion.</p>
<p>Thanks for answering! Is that the most durable thing to do? Ideally, it would be removeable for cleaning purposes</p>
<p>Yes. You can get very high strength velcro. I had a couch that had its cushions attached to the frame in a similar manner.</p>

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