Bench Tool Stands





Introduction: Bench Tool Stands

I have a few bench tools that I previously had sitting on an old wobbly side table. I decided it was time to improve their stands for safety and usability reasons. Here are some pictures of the stand construction.

More Details

Step 1: Bench Grinder - Top & Bottom Plates

For the bench grinder, the top and bottom of the stand were made from 1/4" plate with a few holes. Both plates were 6" x 8".

Step 2: Weld Plates to Tube

Here you can see the plates are now welded to the tube. The tube is 2-1/2" square tube w/ 1/8" wall.

Step 3: Drill Press Top

For the drill press, I decided to make a rectangular frame from angle iron.

Step 4: Drill Press Tube

To place the angle iron from on top of the tube, I made up a small 'platform' by using angle welded to the tube.

Step 5: Drill Press Finish

To add a bonus feature, I welded a couple of 'hooks' to store the drill press vice.

Step 6: Finished

Pained and Anchored.



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This is what I needed for a long time, a stand for my bench grinder. Great Instructable.

Best regards from Beirut

quick material question. what was your source for the steel plate? i'm in ny and can't find many places to get 1/4" or 1/2" plate that doesn't cost an arm and a leg

why not make your base from tube? much more cost effective to use tube than plate.

There are a couple of online places that can help you. They will even cut to size so you aren't paying for more than you need.

This is a good instructable however I would suggest three things to make it much safer a) the bases are too small for the height/weight of the machines especially the drill press b) the use of 1/4" bolts is way too small also to cope, it would be easy to send the drill over if something got caught or the drill snagged the material. c) the cables should always be higher than the working area of the machine just in case something drops/fall off and catches the lead.

very nice....luv the bench grinder and vise hooks....your inspiring instructable has inspired me to do one "no weling required"... but i was pondering , if u purchaced the steel instead of upcycling donor steel, wouldnt it have been easier to buy just alonger tube to covert the bench drill press into a floor model? but i just got a welder n itching for more welding projects. thnx AWESOME!!

Going to look for some steel square Tubing this year for this project ! already got the angle Iron .

Im also going to mount a dimmer Switch and a Foot pedal for speed control for Pillar drill or Sander etc


At our shop we used some old 16x7 steel wheels as a base for a 6" bench grinder/wire wheel. Works pretty good.

I like the wheel rim style bases too, for portability. Too bad it turns out they need to be bolted to the floor to pass OSHA safety inspections. -Liam

Nice garage workshop. It's even painted. My dad made some of these when I was a kid. Instead of bolting to the floor, he used old wheel rims from a dump truck for the bottom. Nice and stable but portable.