Picture of My Home Made Bench
chopped out center.jpg
Finished project.jpg
I needed a bench to go with the table I made. I used nails, long ones...to hold it together. Later I realized I should have used my drill and put long screws, which I went back and did later. After i got the wood together, I took my chain saw and ragged it up a bunch...then banged it with nails, screw drivers, anything that would leave a mark. Next I took my chair saw and whacked out a, ...well, I tried... to make a simi-square on one end. I filled the end with mortar mix and placed broken pieces of glass, buttons, etc. It actually tells a story, only for my best friend. Then after sanding it down I put a coat of Dark Golden Walnut on it....It's heavy and I love it.
wildviolets (author) 2 years ago
Before I could give this to my best friend, she passed away from a massive heart attack. I am keeping it and using it with my dining room table I made in honor of her....
bajablue2 years ago
wow... this is so neat!!!! Faved!
qewt2 years ago
nice idea!
Do you think you would be able to post a step-by-step of how you do your embedments?

wildviolets (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
OK, after cutting out the "hole"...it was very jagged, etc. from the chain saw, but I thought the jags of wood would help hold the mortar mix better, which it has. I'm sure there is other things beside mortar mix but that was all I had. While it was still wet, I just pressed what I wanted down into it...let it dry, then washed, sanded a bit, etc. until I got it looking the way I wanted...not hard at all...hope this help, but if not let me know...frankie