Bendable Solder Guys





Introduction: Bendable Solder Guys

You know those over priced little joe bender guys,right? Well, these are super easy and cheap to build alternatives. Perfect as a present or stocking stuffer.

sorry about the pictures my camera doesn't have macro

Step 1: Get Materials

Here are the materials:
1 Roll of Solder
1 Soldering Iron
Spray Paint
Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Body Parts

To create the legs cut an approx. 1 1/2 in. piece of solder. To create abdomen cut an approx. 1 in. piece of solder. For arms cut an approx. 1 in. piece of solder. Finally, bend solder around a pencil or pen for a head. If you want a bigger solder guy make pieces bigger.

Step 3: Making It

To make the lower part, make a small blob of solder and put legs and abdomen into it. Then make another small blob and press top of abdomen and head into it. For arms, make another small blob and press abdomen into it then quickly press arms into it. Finally for feet, make two pinky finger-nail size blobs and stick ends of legs into both.

Step 4: Finishing Touchs

You can then spray paint it and/or take hot glue and put on felt or cloth for clothes.

Step 5: You're Done

Now you can wrap it, put it in a stocking or play with it. Good job!

ps-After I was finishing instructable I thought of gluing magnets on the feet. Since I don't have any small and strong magnets I decided to leave it out.



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    If that's a piece of paper as your workbase you're crazy! Funny little guys. 4*

    'Cause kids love to play with toxic substances!

    thanks. i don't really play with it, just sits on my shelf

    the small one looks like how my friend draws people:)

    I think a better alternative is to use capacitors as the body, diodes and resistors for the limbs, and a big LED as the head. I dunno if there is already an instructable about it?

    body: 9-volt battery holder w/ small switch for power. head: 2 LEDs and a disc-capacitor. arms: resistors wired to head LEDs and 9-volt holder, with small capacitors for hands. legs: innards of a 9-volt, with 10uf capacitors as feet. Impressive? it actually lights up.

    Yup there is search it with a keyword "resistor man" very neat and cool

    yeah in holiday gifts by chr

    you can, if you have it, use that liquid rubber stuff for the handles of tools to coat them. and, i agree with ultrauber's idea.

    You should use paper clips, and only use solder to attach them together. That way, you don't have to waste your valuable solder.