Bendable Tripod


Introduction: Bendable Tripod

Go anywhere mount anywhere bendable tripod for Camera's and Camcorder's.

Step 1: Supplies Needed.

1/4" Bolt 2 1/2" long
1/4" Nut
1/4" Wing Nut
1/4" Washer x 2
1/4" Fender Washer
10 Gague Solid Copper Wire x 2 about 16" Long

First, place a 1/4" washer on the bolt. Then wrap both pieces of wire around the bolt, just above the washer (make sure that the wire is bent in the middle around the bolt). It is important to wrap the wire tight. Then place another 1/4" washer on the bolt, followed by the 1/4" nut. Tighten the nut on the bolt, it's a good idea to use a pair of plyers and pinch the wire tight around the bolt. Once tight, adjust the legs, and it's ready to go.



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    I can't see the video.... I have no idea why @_@

    Great idea for mounting a camera to the handle bars of an ATV. Thanks

    Nice instructable! I made a similar one with segmented hose (Gorilla Pod). Check it out and vote for it if you want.

    extremely simple and just GREAT! :D it might become somehow disposable after a few uses if the wires aren't too good, but thanks a lot for sharing it!

    very cool idea, great video! what did you use to narrate it? her voice is pretty close to real!