Introduction: Bender

Hello All,
Have you ever thought of bringing a cartoon character to life... I always have, and Bender from Futurama was the one.
On September 1st I knew what I had to do, so I began with Cardboard and started framing out the body, once I had that all laid out I began with the head. It was a bit of challenge but thats what I like, it pushes me to do my best.  
Day by day I worked on this costume, spending from 5-9 hours a night on this costume making it look so realistic.
in the 2 months of work i put in 176 hours into the costume.

Step 1:

List of Materials:

• Truck load of CardBoard

• Foam Material (used for chair cushions - 4" thick)

• Foam Core - used for the eyes

• Crafting Foam - Hobby Lobby carries this in 8x10 or 11x17 (Brown and Black)

• Old Shoes - Bought a pair of knock off Croc's at PayLess Shoes

• 3 or 4 Yards of Light Grey Fabric - JoAnn Fabrics

• Grey Sweat Pants and matching top - Real classy I know

• Black Ribbon 1" thick - used for the lines on the shirt and pants

• Ping Pong ball - top of antenna

• Lots and Lots of Super Strong Duck Tape

• Window Screen Material - used for the Mouth - JoAnn Fabric

• 3 Really Strong Magnets - Cigar and Door

• Hinges for the door - they will be hidden under the foam

• 3" shipping tube - Cut into 3 pieces used for Mom's Oil Cans

• 1/4" Tube - used for drinking its optional to add. I had my hidden under the foam and made sure it made it up to my mouth. Yes it was tough to go to the bathroom in.

• 1/2" or 1/4" Tractor Insulation - 6yds of it. - bought it at a Swap Meet Store

• Battery powered Fan - it was 22° that night and i was sweating all night.

• Extra Batteries for the Fan unless you can rig something up that won't eat up batteries.

• Huge amount of Glue Sticks

• 6' of Nylon straps and Back Pack Clips to hold the head on.

Other than that, Good Luck Have Fun and Please send me Pics when you're done.

Cheers To Halloween.



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What was used for the stick part of the antenna?

How did you make the hinges for the door?

I'm making this rn and I dot some cabinet hinges at Home Depot for like 2-3 dollars

also, can you be a tad more specific about how cardboard you used, i.e for the body and head? I'm 6'1" so we are almost the same height. I would much appreciate any advice. I'm not that great at making costumes unless the character is just a human who is known for a specific outfit such as Fry, Dr. Krieger, or The Men in Black.

That's awesome. You should send me a pic of what u have so far. Actually here's my number. Please use anytime. It's way easier to respond. 612-644-7105

a little behind as I went camping for 5 days. Will be rushed to finish it but it's been fun building it so far.


It looks great so far.

Thanks. Just wish I had more time to work on it. The mouth, did you just use white spray paint over the window screen and then draw lines for the teeth? I feel the biggest challenge will be making the cone for the body to the head.

I had no room for it when I moved to Az. Tried to sell it but no one would spend what I wanted for it. As for your question I did not have any shoulder pads. It just rested on them. It was very comfortable.

That's a shame. It was a sweet looking costume. How did you attach the tractor foam to the cardboard?