I'm not a huge fan of the newer Futurama episodes, but one in particular (Proposition Infinity) had these cool mosaics that Bender was laying around New New York. I figured it'd be fun to try to re-create those, even the though the episode wasn't great, but as a cool way to pay homage to my love of Futurama.

I ended up making 7 of them with the materials I ordered, but had plenty leftover to make 9 or 10.

To do this project you should have an understanding of how to do grout work. I don't go into much detail, but you could probably figure it out on your own, or with the help of some instructional videos on Youtube. It's really easy to get a hang of, and the grout work on this project is quite easy. It's just a matter of taking your time to set up the mosaic properly beforehand, to make the process easier.

Step 1: Materials

After looking around home depot and other various stores for appropriately colored tiles, I gave up and moved my search online. I quickly decided on using 3/4" glass tiles from CoolTiles.com, and was very impressed with their color selection and the prices were nice, too.

Here's what I ended up ordering: Other materials/tools you'll need:
  • Polyblend Sanded Tile Grout (White)
  • Wood Backing
  • Scissors
  • Circular Saw
  • Ruler
  • Tacky Glue
  • Grout Float
  • Acrylic Paint (black)
  • Tile Sealer (optional)
Keep in mind that this project isn't just a one day thing. I probably spent a few weeks working on it in bits and pieces after work, and during the weekends. As for cost, I only ended up spending around 30 dollars on the tile. Everything else I had laying around the house, and we had plenty of unused grout.
<p>I love this so much. It pleases me how many futurama nerds are on Instructables &lt;3</p>
Shut up, and take my money!
Go Bender ! Go Bender ! Go Bender !

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