Picture of Bender Operation Game
Finally, the classic game Operation has been updated to reflect the sensibilities of today's modern child.  The red-nosed gentleman has been replaced by the lovable scamp Bender Bending Rodriguez from TV's Futurama, and the chintzy cardboard replaced with shiny futuristic acrylic.  Rescue Bender from the things which have gotten stuck inside him including a gear, a beer, Fry's stolen wallet, a Robotology symbol, and a lit cigar, but if you touch the sides Bender's "Problem" light will turn on to let you know you really screwed the pooch!

Here we will outline the steps necessary to make your own Bender Operation Game so that you too can bite bender's "shiny metal ass."

laser cutter
some kind of vector graphics software
2 12"x12"x1/4" acrylic boards greyish (we used one smoky grey and one mirrored)
metal tweezers
thin insulated copper wire
heavy duty aluminum foil
elmer's glue
1 9V battery (we actually used 3 AA batteries taped together)
1 red LED
acrylic bonding solvent
electrical tape
wire cutter/stripper

Step 1: Design Bender

Picture of Design Bender
Screen shot 2012-06-03 at 11.23.06 PM.png
This illustration was made in Adobe Illustrator CS5.
the outline was sized for 12" acrylic boards
internal game pieces were drawn inside Bender's body with a few mm cut out around them so that tweezers could reasonably be expected to fit in to grab the piece, but not so much that it would be TOO easy!

the top board has a hole to put an LED through which will serve as the notification that you touched the side.
the bottom board has grooves for the simple wiring as well as trenches underneath each cutout to make the holes deeper and more challenging.
graymalking3 years ago
I think the expression "shut up and take my money" would never be more appropriate than in this context.
Misac-kun2 years ago
Put some random sounds to play when you fail, like some famous lines of bender about beer, pooker and hokers.
Really nice!

When you touch the sides, he should say "Bite my shiny metal ass" LOL!
exactly what I thought!
tjesse3 years ago
Instead of a buzzer he should say "ha ha, meat bag". I have always wanted to use the parts from the recording greeting cards, maybe this is that project. Nice job!
This is awesome! Operation is always so frustrating for me, but I would totally play this one :)
Awww that so cute and neat. But I think the eyes are a bit off. The frame around his eyes should me more rectangular and not oval. Should remind you of a welder's mask. But none the less I gave you almost four stars. :D
lcbo1234 (author)  Treasure Tabby3 years ago
Aw, good catch. I focused too much on his inside bits, but it is all in the eyes.
fixxon19723 years ago
oooh gotta make this and have a recording chip with wonderful Benderisms on instead of a buzzer :)
lcbo1234 (author)  fixxon19723 years ago
That'd be amazing! Definitely the next step :)
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Nice project, I love it!
lcbo1234 (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thank you Mikeasaurus. Great soldering gun instructable!
megaduty3 years ago
Love Bender and this ible!
lcbo1234 (author)  megaduty3 years ago