my bender chiminea is made from a 19kg gas bottle and Co2 cylinder , the 19kg bottle i cut a slot out of the back to taper the body and made the arms from angled cut scaffold poles , the hands are from making a simple 2 to 3inch cone . you cant see in the photos but smoke come out the cigar and a small 4inch flue behind the head .

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Fine I'll make my own bender! It'll be better! Either blackjack and hookers!
You go for it and see how yours turns out .
<p>Came out amazing! Does the white paint hold up to fire?</p>
Yes it high temperature paint will be ok up to 270&deg;c
Oh crap! This brings me back to my early years as a teenager!
<p>Well, bite my shiny metal... ( hee,hee,hee.)! go bender, go bender.</p>
<p>Nice bender model</p>
Its a wood burner not a model
<p>Sorry. I misread the description. That makes it even more awesome.</p>
Could you post a video of it working? This is beautiful, by the way.
Its at a friend's house but ill get him to do one at the weekend

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