By focusing the immense power of your brain, your mind can alter the permanent shape of ply wood. Do you have to be a man who stares at Goats? a Jedi? A wizard?

Yes to all of the above. You will also need a heat gun, and Techshop membership

Step 1: Wood in the Hands of Mere Mortals

This is what ply wood looks to those who have not aquired super psychic skills and mastered the force of the universe for Good. These people use flat wood.

For those of you who have traveled the great distances of middle earth, and those members at Techshop, altering the forces of nature requires a dream, a heat gun, and a little finnesse.

First, get a piece of 1/8 inch ply wood - you could bend thicker in a weightless environment, but for now, here on earth, keep it to the skinny stuff.

Cut it in desired lengths and widths - I used the the table saw and band saw at Techshop, but you can sort out a saw of some sort, I am sure.

Tks for the tip... <br>I found ways to use it for good... <br>The force (of the wood!) be with us!
How hot does your heat gun get?
Why are your first photos so teeny?

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