Bendy Straw Statement Necklace





Introduction: Bendy Straw Statement Necklace

 I love this necklace because it's bold and trendy, yet it can be made from things around the house! Sure, you could just buy gold beads. But walking around knowing that you're secretly sporting expensive looking bendy straws is just too amusing to miss out on!

Step 1: Materials

You're going to need about 10 straws, scissors, toothpicks, a piece of cardboard, gold spray paint, long shoestrings (or long black nylon string), and gold hex nuts.

Step 2: Cut the Straws

  Cut 30 one inch pieces of straw. I cut through 5 straws at a time and used a permanent marker to keep myself organized and accurate.

Step 3: Paint the Pieces

 Stick toothpicks into a piece of cardboard and thread the straws onto them. Give the straws a coat of spray paint and let them dry. I painted my straws in 2 batches so I wouldn't waste too many toothpicks. I also recommend giving the straws a quick coat of sealer so that they'll be less likely to chip.

Step 4: Thread the Pieces

Start with a long piece of string. Mine was about a yard long. Take a piece of straw and thread a piece of string through one side. Then take the other side of the string and thread it through the other side of the straw. Repeat this step. This will be done with 2 pieces of string total. Create the curve of the necklace by pulling on the bottom strings. Readjust the straws until your necklace is the desired shape.

Step 5: Tie the Knot!

Tie a knot where the straws end on each side of the necklace. Add hex nuts and tie another knot. I spray painted mine gold to go with the rest of the look. And finally knot the top of the necklace. Trim any excess string off, and seal frayed knots with superglue. Unfortunately, my final knot wasn't exactly centered since I ran out of string, but with a little touching up, I can try to hide it!

Step 6: Finit!



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    I've been wanting to make this necklace for very long but couldn't find the beads . I love it . Is it possible to use acrylic paint instead of spray paint?

    1 reply

    I think that would work too! I just used spray paint to keep my fingers cleaner and to ensure the straws got even, smooth coverage. But you could definitely try it with paint!


    really simply suprrb...

    You have my vote on usage of everyday items to make the world a prettier place. Good job!

    1 reply

    Aw, thank you so much!!! I appreciate it!

    Nice work! I really thought those were pieces of brass tubing :D

    haha thank you! You made my day!

    Thank you! Glad you like it!

    So smart! I bet it's comfortable too because it's so light. :D

    1 reply

    It is extremely light! :)