Step 2: Iphone Wood Dimensions

To make the iphone stand as I did, you can take the dimensions from the sketchup drawing below. If you are making a stand for a larger kindle or ipad , you will need larger pieces, and the bends will not be so tight.
I cut the ash wood pieces about 1/16" thick. I didn't have 1 1/2" wide wood, so I made the wide piece by gluing together the edges of two identically bent 3/4" pieces .

<p>great job! </p>
<p>thanks - now I know how I'm going to use all the old veneer I've had kicking around</p>
Boycott Apple for patent trollery!
One can use bamboo, available at nurseries, very strong, very shapable :)
coooool love it
Thanks,<br><br>This way of bending wood makes it possible to make shapes you will never be able to get with steamed wood. The wood springs are a good example.<br><br>Getting the wood strips seems to be the difficult part for most people. Especially those without a table saw. The actual glue up and stretch wrap clamping are something anyone with rubber gloves can easily do.<br><br>Do you think anyone would buy the strips if they were available on the web?<br><br>Jerry
I wish I had your skills. Great tutorial/work
Ooh, really lovely!

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