Bentonite Green Sand Recipe. Sticky, Oily and Just Great!





Introduction: Bentonite Green Sand Recipe. Sticky, Oily and Just Great!

This is my new green sand mixture. This one consists of 87% of sand and 13% of bentonite clay. And some water of course :) I think in some way it's little better than my last green sand formula which consist brown clay. Bentonite clay is very sticky and oily. It's very different from brown clay. And this time green sand is really green! :)

Step 1: Bentonite Clay

This particular bentonite clay was as hard as a rock! For this green sand recipe we need 13% of clay or in my case 2,2 kg (5 lbs).

Step 2: Adding Water

I couldn't effectively crash it, so I decided to add some water.

Step 3: Sand

The next stage is to add sand. We need 87% of sand. I used 15 kg (33 lbs).

Step 4: Mixing

I couldn't mix clay and sand by hands, so I used a "heavy artillery".

Step 5: After Drying

After a week of drying the result is grate. It works grate for casting.



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    I think cat litter is bentonite.

    It is, and also cheaper and easier to obtain. I do a 90% to 10% mixture sand/clay

    Yes, but in my case it was totally free! :)

    Yes, but not always. Cat litter can be made of silica gel, wood or bentonite clay. :)

    Here in the UK our bentonite cat litter is sold as 'clumping' cat litter - i.e. it forms clumps when exposed to moisture. Makes the soiled clay easier to remove from the rest in the litter tray. I have used it in refractory mixes and in green sand - some people try to grind it but if you add enough water it turns to a slurry. Once dried, it can easily be powdered. But I agree, the fine powdered stuff is the best way to go.

    I used such "clumping" cat litter for my cat several years ago but that time I didn't have this hobby (melting and casting). When I started melting this "clumping" cat litter disappeared from the shops. Instead of it they started to sell cat litter made of small wooden pellets :) Several weeks ago I've this bentonite cat litter again but I have enough bentonite now :)

    I have the red clay for sand casting. Can I use this green clay in the same way?

    Hi buddy. I'm sure it will work. :) The only question is the proportion. I would recommend to try from 13 to 30%. If 13% is enough than don't add more. Before bentonite clay I used brown clay:
    It worked as well but I had to use 25-30% of clay and sand - the rest!

    Thanks. First time anyone called me buddy.

    You're welcome :) Good luck with green sand!