An unfortunate accident brought me and my great-uncle Bernie together extending a one night stay to a 3 week one (don't worry, he's fine). However, from these unlikely times he taught me some of the most amazing things.  I learned from him many new recipes, how to mix some drinks ('Dark and Stormy' anyone? I can't, but I know how to make a mean one... or so i hear), and most notably his famous bean salsa.  

     Before staying with me, he had been traveling north from Florida to Maine in a '94 Benz bringing with him the good gospel of bean salsa.  This is the most amazing chip dip/scoop/topping/salsa/et cetera.  Built upon a base of refried beans and salsa, it becomes an explosion of flavor inside your mouth with hidden subtleties such as avocado and lime juice. 

Step 1: Ingredients

The dip is an easy combination of just a few simple ingredients:

1 mature Avocado.  If you do not have an avocado you can always just use guacamole.

1 large can Refried Beans. About 32 oz. Old El Paso is the best because it's denser and less liquid.

1 jar Salsa. About 12 oz. Medium or Hot. We used medium for this Instructable, but I would recommend hot because it gets diluted to about 1/4 its original strength.

1/3 jar Salsa con Queso, or any other mexican cheese dip. About 4 ounces. More if you like the flavor.

Tabasco or other hot sauce to flavor and to add spice if you wish.

Lime Juice

Bag of your favorite Corn Chips

Optional: Shredded Cheese
Wow. Bernie sander's beans look so good
ok,i'll bite.what is a dark and stormy? the dip sounds great i'll have to try it sometime
A Dark and Stormy is a cocktail of Spiced Rum and Ginger Beer over ice. Uncle Bernie says to be a real Dark and Stormy, it has to be Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Goslings Ginger Beer.
It's called a pastry blender and indeed it is used to mash potatoes. :D
Okay, I have to try this ASAP. I love bean dip.
I have been making something like this for years. I have never tried it with avocado though, just the beans, salsa and cheese. Some good things to try are: black beans instead of refried beans, ground hamburger, or any other meat.

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