Hey Guys this the best prank I've ever seen played it on all my friends this year, a must have for a jokers trick book.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Ha, you fell for it! There is no Best April Fools Day Prank EVER instructibles! Happy April Fools Day! To the Judges, I would like you to know I am a poor child living in the ghetto. My parents are job less and I'm living off of welfare money and food stamps. I had to travel 2 miles on foot to my local library to make this instructible. I have no money to make a good prank. So this was the best I had. I plead to you to pick this instructible to win! It would my family so much! I would sell the gift certificate and use the money to hopefully help pay for my potential possible very unlikely college education. I BEG you to pick this instructible!!!! Please Please Please pick this instructible! Please....

he he he! <br>I fell for it!
You did not get me at all. The first thing I do when I see an instructable is check how many steps it has. When I saw this had none I immmediatly knew this was a hoax.
That is hilarious you got me!
You had me going for a little bit there!
me to<br>
BRO! Best Instructable EVER! I was totaly sold! You deserve the $150 Dollar Certificate love it man! 3 Thumbs Up
5 thumbs up...really
You didn't fool me!! (April Fools)
u pranked me!!!
Oh... This sucked pretty badly.
i like the part where u showd us the prank <br>
I see what you did there. Very nice
YOU suck
Wow this is great! NOT! April fools! Dhuo .5*
VOTE for this instructibles!
PLEASE VOTE!!!!!<br>

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