Here, i tell you how to fold a great CD case, only from one piece of paper!

What you need:
-A CD or DVD (or Blueray or something else)
-A piece of paper (I prefer 297mmx210mm)
-a table (or other hard floors)

Step 1: Place the CD on the Paper

Lay the paper on the table and put the CD in the middle of the short end.
Push the CD one cm away from the end.

Step 2: Make the First Folding!

At the point where the cd ends, fold a parallel stripe.

Step 3: Foldings No. 2+3

So, hide the CD like in the pictures!

Step 4: The Last Foldings...

Hide the CD completely.
Then fold the last rest over the CD.

Step 5: Last Step!

Know, the hardest part of the work:
Open the last fold again and try to push it between the 2 foldingstripes from step 3.

Step 6: Finish!


(I hope, you understand, what i've mean. My english isn't good, sorry. But the pictures can help you!)
Im so glad that there is someone on this site who has a simple but functional design
I think you speak English better than a lot of people on this site. Your pictures and steps were very good. Thank you for your Instructable... :D
Thank you very much!
nice! this works quite well A+
Thanks a lot! =)<br/>

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