Step 2: Gather Ingredients

Assemble the following ingredients:

-Sugar (granulated)
-Milk (Whole is best)
-Brown Sugar
-Shortening (if desired)
-Baking powder

That's all you'll need, It's that easy.

At this point, preheat your oven to 375degrees Farhenheit.
that looks gross
I mean for how long
I mean for how long
How do you cook this coffe cake
<p>My Mom also made this delicious tender cake for years, every time the family would get together. She failed to make it one time, and everyone sat around the table that morning chanting &quot;what do we want? Coffeecake ! When do we want it? Now!&quot; So she had to go make one!</p>
hey is there anything you can substitute the baking powder for? cause i really want to make this but i have no baking powder!
I would borrow from a neighbor. Most anyone has it. Or the corner store would also.
A simple recipe for baking powder is 1 part baking soda, one part cream of tarter and one part corn starch. you could try that.
Google "substitute for baking powder". If you don't have baking powder, I'm not sure what you have................sigh.
Did this coffee cake get its name from being a cake to eat while drinking coffee. I didn't see any coffee listed in the ingredients, does it actually taste like coffee?
very easy in everyone's pantry
the toping is so good i tryed a littel then relized i hade ate the hole bach of toping hade to make another
The trick is to make a double batch of the topping ;)
Turned out great, hope we win!
Looks really good :-) (nothing like a warm coffee cake and a little vanilla ice cream)
We've always ate in plain. Now, LinuxH4x0r is going to ask for ice crean!!
Oops, sorry *blush* <br/>
Oh well, besides loving butter, us Midwestern girls always enjoy ice cream......
same in ther serra mountens ca ruls
Thanks for all your help.
I don't know if i am being a little slow.... but...... there is no coffee in it? how is this coffee cake?
Coffee cake........cakes Americans eat with their coffee.............
I see, I guess we would call that a "tea cake" in England.... go figure.
people pour coffee on it
i... love... coffee cake how did you modify it? they really knew how to make food back in 1956.
No kidding, I love the old cookbooks! My mom (bless her soul) used shortening instead of butter in the batter. I also modified the streusel by increasing the amounts of cinnamon and brown sugar and adding butter to the streusel. (Midwestern girls love their butter!) Thanks for your comment.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/BERRY-delicious-Chocolate--Raspberry-Dobosh-Torte/">My Chocolate raspberry Dobosh is from an 1989 gourmet mag</a><strong>.</strong><br/><br/>Although, the Cake Bible I currently own dates back to 1981, I have recipes from my Mom dating back to the early 1900's <br/>
butter is always good
With the texture of the batter, do you think one could make more struessel mix & put more in the cake? Maybe "stir" it around in the mix with a toothpick...?
I have made more streusel! It really just depends on the ratio of streusel to cake one prefers. As to mixing in the streusel, I never thought about it--next time I'll give it a try. Thanks for the comment and ideas.

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