Best Cut Watermelon!




Introduction: Best Cut Watermelon!

Hi Maker!

Today I want to Show you a easy trick to cut the watermelon..

Fast and easy, what' else?

If You want to Save Time check the video here

Step 1: First Cut

The first step is to cut the watermelon in half, be careful because if you use big watermelon, for cut you need a really big knife and a little help from your friends is needed

Step 2: Vertical Cut

Put the Half of Watermelon on a Chopping board and cut on the longer side

Step 3: Turn and Cut

Now You only turn your watermelon with the long side in front of You and cut in the other way, look the photo, you need to create multiple square, on your watermelon you need to draw a grid.

Step 4: Finish!

Now You only use a long Toothpick or Chopstick to extract your piece of Watermelon, this trick leave your hand clean... and you can share Your watermelon with a lot of friends!

For this hot summer i made other Amazing Project, check below:

Thank You so much by Ludvic


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