Best DIY Dremel Sander Ever





Introduction: Best DIY Dremel Sander Ever

This is probably the cheapest and best Dremel sander you can make without any modification.

It is really safe since its just soft plastic it is well balanced and most of all no weight at all so no unnecessary vibration.

Step 1: This Is What I Used

Spice bottle top
Dremel mandrel
Double sided tape
Sandpaper according to preferred grit.

Step 2: Different Grit Discs

I traced a bunch on various grit papers using the cap and cut them with a sharp scissor.

In case you have a few rough edges don't worry once you have cut a few align them and holding them in the center just run them across a sheet of sandpaper rotating each time.

Step 3: Assembly

There isn't any real assembly just fix your mandrel to the cap in this case there was already a dead center hole.

Stick on your double sided tape attach your sandpaper and your good to go.

If you want to go a step further you could even use a paper punch to cut out the additional holes so that it collects the dust.

Step 4: Finished Product

The only thing that you will spend time on is cutting the sandpaper discs.

Hope this helps other Dremel or rotary tool users.

Appreciate any feedback or ideas

Step 5: You Could Polish / Buff Too

You can even stick some felt , chamois leather, jewelry cloth etc on a spare spice cap and have a decent buff wheel to cover larger areas for that final finish.


  • its great idea.i mad...-amiir

    amiir made it!


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Great idea. Any ideas for making a mini flap wheel sander?!

Where did you get that container ur sanding disks are in......

YOU ROCK!!!! I needed smal radial sander ASAP. I'm going to try glueing hook and loop on it so I can buy ready to use sanding pads.

Very cool. Thank you for taking time to share this.

great idea thats using the noggin

I don't made it but it's good idea

Nice work! I love this Instructable. Great for larger areas!

Oh, whatever! Obviously ISP123 hasn't used Dremmel cut_off wheels. THOSE things are deadly. You could either end up with, on the low end, a sexy face scar or, high end, putting your eye out. I think your idea is absolutely brilliant! I've been trying for several years now to find a way to use those stupid sanding discs that come with every Dremmel kit, and are totally useless. Now I know what to do with the thousands I have. Thank you!!

Joshua good job let us know how it runs, however I would still advice you to be very careful.

Joshua what you made is nice however check for wobble because of the weight and also for stress cracks that may form around the mandrel as it could prove dangerous.

It will work great as a edge sander only since the mandrel screw will touch the project you are working on if it is used on a flat surface.

Take care not to use too much pressure and exceed 15000 rpm.

If you can cut one out of softer plastic the chance of it shattering is eliminated.

If things go bad with a softer plastic it will tear as opposed to shattering.