Introduction: Best DIY Dremel Sander Ever

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This is probably the cheapest and best Dremel sander you can make without any modification.

It is really safe since its just soft plastic it is well balanced and most of all no weight at all so no unnecessary vibration.

Step 1: This Is What I Used

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Spice bottle top
Dremel mandrel
Double sided tape
Sandpaper according to preferred grit.

Step 2: Different Grit Discs

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I traced a bunch on various grit papers using the cap and cut them with a sharp scissor.

In case you have a few rough edges don't worry once you have cut a few align them and holding them in the center just run them across a sheet of sandpaper rotating each time.

Step 3: Assembly

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There isn't any real assembly just fix your mandrel to the cap in this case there was already a dead center hole.

Stick on your double sided tape attach your sandpaper and your good to go.

If you want to go a step further you could even use a paper punch to cut out the additional holes so that it collects the dust.

Step 4: Finished Product

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The only thing that you will spend time on is cutting the sandpaper discs.

Hope this helps other Dremel or rotary tool users.

Appreciate any feedback or ideas

Step 5: You Could Polish / Buff Too

You can even stick some felt , chamois leather, jewelry cloth etc on a spare spice cap and have a decent buff wheel to cover larger areas for that final finish.


Karlfreeman (author)2017-10-27

Great idea. Any ideas for making a mini flap wheel sander?!

MichelleC324 (author)2017-10-01

Where did you get that container ur sanding disks are in......

J KeithC (author)2016-06-15

YOU ROCK!!!! I needed smal radial sander ASAP. I'm going to try glueing hook and loop on it so I can buy ready to use sanding pads.

Very cool. Thank you for taking time to share this.

wood doctor (author)2015-12-28

great idea thats using the noggin

Paulojds18 (author)2015-12-21


AMRANE77 (author)2015-11-16

I don't made it but it's good idea

Golfingpunk (author)2015-10-18

Nice work! I love this Instructable. Great for larger areas!

amiir made it! (author)2015-06-27

its great idea.

i made somthing like this after i saw your instructable.

first i used the rings u see in the images and i want to use 2 sided or hook and loop tape for fix sander on the rings.

but is decide to make a hole in center of sander and use it on my mandrel,

its greate. i was buy circle sanders for my dremel before. now i Do It Myself :D

P.S : the rings you see in images extracted from dead HDD (Big one from 3.5" and small one from 2.5" HDD). this rings used for fixing HDD magnetic disk on the Brushless Motor) {you can see that in last image}

dawncwoodworth (author)2015-01-26

Oh, whatever! Obviously ISP123 hasn't used Dremmel cut_off wheels. THOSE things are deadly. You could either end up with, on the low end, a sexy face scar or, high end, putting your eye out. I think your idea is absolutely brilliant! I've been trying for several years now to find a way to use those stupid sanding discs that come with every Dremmel kit, and are totally useless. Now I know what to do with the thousands I have. Thank you!!

lsp123 (author)2014-12-08

Joshua good job let us know how it runs, however I would still advice you to be very careful.

lsp123 (author)2014-12-07

Joshua what you made is nice however check for wobble because of the weight and also for stress cracks that may form around the mandrel as it could prove dangerous.

It will work great as a edge sander only since the mandrel screw will touch the project you are working on if it is used on a flat surface.

Take care not to use too much pressure and exceed 15000 rpm.

If you can cut one out of softer plastic the chance of it shattering is eliminated.

If things go bad with a softer plastic it will tear as opposed to shattering.

JoshuaN1 (author)lsp1232014-12-07

ok, thanks i may modify it yet by drilling the screw hole bigger and recessing the screw by gluing another piece of plexiglass/acrylic on the back side.

JoshuaN1 (author)JoshuaN12014-12-08

finished improving mine...

lsp123 (author)2014-12-01

If anyone makes and tries it out please share your thoughts. I have found that the sandpaper discs lasts atleast 4 to 5 times longer and when it gets to a finer grit and is no good for the current job it still useful for other jobs. I am not sure if this is due to the the cushion effect of the double sided tape.

JoshuaN1 (author)lsp1232014-12-07

i just some scrap acrylic/plexiglass lying around and made this

waterdoc (author)2014-12-01

Excellent idea! I use 1000 - 2000 grit sand paper for polishing/buffing yellowed vehicle and equipment lights. Completing this task with a Dremel makes my elbow happy. The spray on contact adhesive is great to use, but use it with adequate ventilation. Your liver gobbles up the VOC's. Going to make one of these today. Keith PhD

Fikjast Scott (author)2014-12-01

what a great idea

dawncwoodworth (author)2014-11-30

You are very clever! This is a fantastic idea. The sanding discs that come with your Dremel sets are very flimsy and pretty useless. I will be using this idea. Thank you!!

lsp123 (author)2014-11-29

For those who would like to know more about sandpaper grits

royharper (author)2014-11-28


Ninzerbean (author)2014-11-25

Cutting out small circles is incredibly hard. I have bought a few hole punches on Amazon that cut out holes, they come in a lot of standard sizes such as 1/2", 3/4" 1" 1.5" etc. They will probably get dull from cutting sandpaper but I think it would be well worth it if any of the sizes correspond to spice shaker lid things.

Groaker (author)Ninzerbean2014-11-27

You can get precut disks from places like Klingspor. Or if you have a grinder you can make a punch to do it more easily. Get a threaded iron pip of the desired size, and thread a cap on one end. Then grind the other end to a sharp point all the way around. then you can use the apparatus to punch out disks with relatively little effort. A deadblow hammer or hand sledge is best for this.

tructable (author)Ninzerbean2014-11-25

Maybe try punching out the sandpaper from the back as the paper or cloth backing might cushion the cutting edge somewhat.

goldenskyhook (author)2014-11-25

I have never heard of this adhesive before. You make it sound like it's not tacky after it dries. Is that so? And then it only sticks to itself on the other surface?

Super-77 is basically a spray on contact cement (a.k.a. rubber cement). You spray it on both surfaces, let it dry past the point of being tacky, then press the two surfaces together. Like contact cement, it will hold best if pressure is applied, as it's a pressure sensitive adhesive. Also like contact cement, it is affected by heat, and sanding generates a fair amount of heat. I've never used it for any application except hand sanding, but I imagine that it might creep with heat generated by power sanding. Especially since the slowest speed of a Dremel is about as fast as the fastest speed of any woodworking sander. PSA cement, which is used on peel-and-stick sandpaper disks, will probably hold better.

Personally, I prefer hook and loop sandpaper for powered sanding, so Velcro (the "hook side") can be added to the disk with a heat-resistant adhesive such as Goop. The cloth backing and the Velcro add a bit of a barrier that reduce the heat that is generated by a little bit. Not a lot, but enough to noticeably prolong the life of the sandpaper.

One last note, as with any sanding, let the sandpaper do the work. Downward pressure does not speed up sanding significantly. It only generates more heat, which ruins the sandpaper that much faster.

In the ancient past of the late 80s I used the spray on contact adhesive to put 12 inch sanding disks on a home made 12 inch plywood sander on a air powered grinder for sanding 4 ft. X 8 ft. tables, made from Douglas fir planks 12 in wide, 20 of them I started with 80 grit ended with 400 grit.

They were spinning at about 7000+ RPM and hotter than H when finished.

Never had a problem with walking.

I don't even want to think about how much air it was using as there were 3 100 Gallon air tanks and (3) LARGE 2 stage air compressors supplying it and I could drain all 3 tanks in about 30 min. when I really had it going, then wait for about 10 to refill the 3 tanks.

Should be no trouble with a dremel tool or similar.

kudzu63 (author)2014-11-26

Damn good idea. I will be making me one of these. The little bitty teen niny ones that come with it just don't get the job done.

lsp123 (author)2014-11-26

Ajohnson119 I have added 2 pictures of just the cap you can see the tiny collar which is a perfect fit for the mandrel I you like you could ever add an extra fiber washer to the top before attaching the screw for added safety. Just make sure your washer isn't too thick or you will defeat the purpose of getting an even surface.

ajohnson119 (author)2014-11-26

Dremel N00b here ... how do you safely connect the mandrel to the top?

lsp123 (author)2014-11-26

TDWay look up Meguiars Unigrit Sandpaper they are supposed to be really good I have never used it before as it is not available here.

TDWay (author)2014-11-26

3M also maks a medium duty spray adhesive that should hold just fine and it will be easer to change the sanding medium as needed.

TDWay (author)2014-11-26

Great idea, I've ben cleaning up a K-Bar style knife with a Katana type nose point and had a flat black powder coating. I didn't like the black paint on the blade so I'm working to remove it, 1st using a belt sander, that left a lot scratches on the blade.

This using extra fin sand paper may be just the thing I need to get the scratches out.

Labdaddy (author)2014-11-25

What is the container that you use to hold the extra discs?

camberb (author)Labdaddy2014-11-26

The container is what PH Paper comes packaged in.

onemoroni1 (author)2014-11-25

This is a very good idea. I will have to make one.

ElectroFrank (author)2014-11-25

Scissors (or almost anything) you use to cut sandpaper will very quickly get blunt. It will ruin a holesaw. Use rough cheap old scissors or a knife you can easily sharpen.

(One day we'll all have laser cutters !)

lsp123 (author)2014-11-25

Just added a step of the option of using it for polishing and buffing hope it shows up as I am new to this app.

wood doctor (author)2014-11-25

dremel? try a roto zip it's much more powerful& the manderal& disc will fit. cheers.

macrumpton (author)2014-11-25

Nice idea.

I wonder if you couldn't use a hole saw to cut the sandpaper. You could stack several sheets (different grades if you want) and then just chop them out in seconds. Most larger hole saws have a drill bit in the middle to stabilize it, but having a hole in the middle is not a big deal, in fact you could just put them on string or wire loop to keep them organized. You might also try holesawing through a thin sheet of plywood to keep the sheets from getting out of hand. Also using a drill press could make it easier.

thebeatonpath (author)2014-11-25


Bettybstt (author)2014-11-25

This sounds like a great idea, thanks!

mark.horner.581 (author)2014-11-25

Velcro (TM)?

daniellong2 (author)2014-11-25

wouldn't be better to attach the disc punching a hole in the center with the screw instead of using tape? I think is safer

lsp123 (author)2014-11-25

goldenskyhook the glue that iGull is referring to is shown in this instructable

I have used 3M 77 for other jobs and feel it may prove difficult to peel a worn out disc without damaging the bottle top.

lsp123 (author)2014-11-25

The container came with cotter pins made in the USA I can't remember the name unfortunately as I took off the paper label. In fact I was thinking of using something similar in clear tough plastic to try out a dust guard for the Dremel.

If someone can tell me how to add a picture of the container I will do it

Ninzerbean (author)lsp1232014-11-25

Just go back to the publish page of your 'ible and click on edit to add your photo. Great 'ible btw!

lsp123 (author)2014-11-25

The disc is 1 &. 1/4 inch in diameter and with the sandpaper and sticky tape weights almost the same or less than the mandrel itself. At 15000 rpm its next to impossible to burn out a Dremel while sanding if your holding the tool the right way. The sandpaper will wear out smooth before the tool dies.

boxcarmj (author)2014-11-25



TiggerLube (author)2014-11-25

Cool idea! What about beveling the end of a piece of pipe to cut out your sandpaper discs.

wkearney99 (author)2014-11-25

Bear in mind when you put a larger element on your Dremel you're greatly increasing the amount of effort it's little motor has to provide. They're not designed with much excess, so you run the risk of burning out the motor.

And, as usual, any time you're using a power tool WEAR EYE AND EAR PROTECTION.

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