Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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I tested five chocolate chip cookie recipes to bring you what I consider to be far and away the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in existence. 

In an exhaustive search to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie - the sole recipe I will use from now on and pass down through the generations -  I made sure to test out the most popular recipes I could find.  Candidates for tastiest chocolate chipper included:
The winning cookies taste like they came from a high-end bakery, I'm not even kidding you. But you can make them yourself - it's easy!

I tell you this, Instructables fans, I hesitated to share the results of this experiment with you. It is now one of the most potent tools in my recipe belt, and I have secretly entertained fantasies of launching my own bakery, based on the inspiration provided by this recipe alone. But alas, I already have an awesome job here at Instructables HQ, and it would be criminal of me to keep this secret to myself.

If you follow this recipe, you'll soon be known wide and far for your amazing chocolate chip cookie skills, and will be called upon to provide them at every function. I recommend making up a huge batch and storing them in the freezer. What could be better than surprising your guests with freshly-baked, bakery-quality chocolate chip cookies in fifteen minutes?

Nothing. That's what.

danstax4 years ago
Wow, I tried to make these, and what a disappointment. I did everything like the recipe with the following exceptions. I didn't have enough all-purpose flour, so I mixed cake flour (no gluten) and bread flour (lots of gluten). I didn't have baking soda, but baking powder is pretty close, isn't it? I had a packet of salt from Wendy's, must be about 1/8 tsp. I was low on butter, so I used olive oil and lard, mixed. Had dark brown sugar, so I mixed it with some Splenda to lighten it up. Granulated sugar? No, but some really old confectioner's sugar that was grainy. The vanilla extract was dried up, but I had some Kroger brand "Very Vanilla Ice Cream" that looked good. The eggs I had must have been in a warm room, or they might have been lightly boiled once. They seemed semi-solid. I was surprise to find I did have some nuts I didn't remember buying. They were in a bottom drawer for some reason in a bed of little newspaper pieces and what looked like little licorice sprinkles. They cleaned up okay. I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on fancy chocolate, so I chopped some chocolate bunnies I had left over from Easter. (minus the ears, of course). I didn't have any sea salt, either, but I had bath salts, and salt is salt, and they both got something to do with water, right? I mixed it just like you said, only I don't have a stand mixer, so I threw it all in a blender on puree for 20 minutes. You were right, I couldn't wait 24 hours, so I stuck it in the freezer for 2.4 hours. I feel that ratio is just about correct. I didn't want a bunch of little cookies, I wanted a big one like from the mall, so I put the dough in a frying pan, and since it was so big, I figured it needed more heat to bake evenly, so I set the oven at 450. After 5 minutes, I turned the frying pan around, just like you said. After 10 minutes, I took my giant cookie out of the oven. This was a nasty, gooey, yet burned, soapy tasting mess!!! What I want to know, is, would using parchment paper have made a difference?

Okay, truth is I made them according to directions, they are wonderful, and everyone who has tried them has loved them. The sea salt is da bomb! Thanks for the recipe.
scoochmaroo (author)  danstax4 years ago
Your problem was obviously the parchment.
it was a joke LOL :D
MrFlynn danstax3 years ago
hehe at the beginning, i didn't notice you were joking, and i figured the reason it was bad was cause you used baking powder instead of soda :) hehe, but then i read the comments, and then i read that last sentence, and then i read the entire paragraph :) great laugh :) o, and great recipe, I'm about to try it out :)
OMG My eyes kept getting bigger as I was reading on & finally when I read you used bath salts I was really wondering how you lived,but caught onto the joke & thanks for the laugh..it was very funny!!!
Best laugh I've had in a long time. Reminds me of the time I had company for dinner back in the 70's and made stuffed (twice baked) potatoes. I use chedder cheese, sour cream, chopped green chile, chopped onions, parsley, salt and pepper and refill the potatoes and pile high then top with more grated cheese and a bit of paprika for color. My friend went crazy about them and asked for the recipe. Months later she invited us over for dinner and served "my potatoes".....or so she said. They were flat and butt ugly. She complained that they didn't taste as good as mine. I asked her how she made them. Well she said, "I left out the sour cream and green chile because I don't like sour cream and used milk instead and I didn't have any green chile."

If you love what was served to you, why would you change the recipe? Makes no sense. You shouldn't even post here unless you've already tried the original recipe.........then........improved on it.

The note above is hysterical and reminds me of my dear old friend, Lorene, the tranplante Texan. Other wise, she was a great cook.
Thanks, this (the original) recipe is great, definitely worth making a big batch, everyone loves them!
I think this is the funniest thing I have read in a long time.... sad thing is... I know people like this! LOL
grue danstax4 years ago
bath salt? i don't think it's NaCl
Dentyp2 years ago
Really good cookies. I baked 1 log straight away (as instructed). They were delicious and I thought how much better can they really taste after leaving them for 24 hours. Wow. They were divine. It was amazing. I had yesterday's cookie in 1 hand and today's cookie in the other and took a bite from each and the flavor was so much more developed after 24 hours in the fridge. And the addition of salt flakes is genius. Will definitely be using this recipe again and again.
jimdonald3 years ago
I made the logs last night (and yes, I managed to go 24 hours without wanting to eat them!) and baked my first batch a couple of hours ago. Hands down the best chocolate chip recipe ever! I sat wondering between the creating process yesterday and the baking today how the hell does sea salt work in this? Answer: It does. Next time someone says "You know what sounds stupid in a chocolate chip recipe? Sea salt.", go up and smack them upside the head. The salt definitely bumps the flavor up way more than a notch.

The instructions were great and easy to follow. The end result is I think I'll be making these all of the time! Thanks for sharing this!
tanps3 years ago
I don't normally write a comment. But for this reciepe i should. It is AMAZING GOOD!!...I used only brown sugar and less, i don't like it to be too sweet, and i add a little bit of instant coffee to have it a bit bitter. The sea salt make it a WOW for everyone. Thanks for the good share!!
djost0074 years ago
Still thinking about how GOOD these cookies were. Luckily, I snapped some pics to remind me of them...OK..., I can't take it anymore! I'm going to be starting another batch tomorrow.

BTW, I have noticed that some folks have had a few challenges making this recipe. Persevere! They ARE worth it!!


djost0075 years ago
Just tried this, and OMG!!!!! These are, by far, the BEST Chocolate Chip cookies I have ever made (in 30 years of baking cookies), and perhaps ever tasted. Well done!
NicoleF43 months ago

Does anyone know what Bittersweet chocolate is in Australia? No blocks of chocolate have 'bittersweet' on them, it's very frustrating, I was excited to make these cookies with my daughter but that has quickly vanished into frustration, can anyone help?

tasteusa5 months ago

This recipe is the best cookie recipe...I have also tried it with different chip (like peanut butter)...I also used Splenda and Splenda brown sugar to cut down on the sugar and they taste just as good..


ricochillin6 months ago

which is the best recipe? I see 5.I don't have time to try them all out.i would like the one that in your opinion was THE best.Thanks.

darly.dulion9 months ago

in my quest for the perfect CCC I've found your site. I've just started and have two questions and may have more :) 1. Your picture at top shows semi-sweet chocolate but you call out for bittersweet. That's what I'm using but just wanted to make sure. 2. Chopping the chocolate bars hurt my hands. Are we chopping because 60% cacao doesn't come in chips or another reason? Thank you. On to making cookie dough. Darly

scoochmaroo (author)  darly.dulion9 months ago
I chop the chocolate because I like chunks better than chips. You can use whatever you like!
Theolae made it!11 months ago

Love! Love! Love!

Like everyone else, these are by far the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made and the sea salt really does make them sing!

The wait was the worst part of this process, but so worth it!

rujerro1 year ago

I made the dough and it tasted exactly like Tollhouse cookies..I looked at the recipe for Tollhouse and sure enough, the recipes are pretty much the same. Tollhouse uses salted butter while your recipe is unsalted butter + sea salt. But basically, the same recipe.

My dad asked me to make chocolate chip cookies for the nurse at his Doctor's office, her favourite kind. Found your recipe (used 3 kinds of chocolate - what I had in house)... She said they are the BEST, and people have brought her lots over the years! Thanks
sup guys i LOVE these they are EPIK nice job schooc ive followed you by the way
tinpie2 years ago
Well, you did it again...another fantastic instructables...your writing is so wonderful...it was as if you were talking to us...enough with that nonsense...
this is almost the exact version of how I make them with the exception of the sea salt and the chocolate selection...I have always noticed that they came out so much better when I made a large batch and only baked part of  it the first day and then took out of the remaining batch from the refrigerator the next day...I also freeze a batch, so I don't have to clean up the kitchen every time I am in the mood for a cookie...
I promise I will make this exact receipt and will let you know of my results....
Great job on your research....
scoochmaroo (author)  tinpie2 years ago
Thank you so much! I'm going to be sharing a similar recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies soon!
I am going to be trying these soon and hoping that the French flour, which has ever failed me when I attempt American baking recipes, will pull through for me on this one!
scoochmaroo (author)  forthegoodknight2 years ago
You might have to send me some of this French flour to experiment with ! Or better yet, I'll just have to come over there and try it out. I bet the protein content is different.
THOROUGHLY disappointed. I followed the recipe exactly, and they came out light and fluffy, like cookie cakes (and about 4cm high!). I found the actual cookie bit between the delicious chocolate rather tasteless and would rather put a little extra salt in the dough than on top.
I'm really stumped as to how they got so cakey. Any ideas??
I know it is nearly a year since you posted but I just made these cookies and I found that the cookies that I cut a bit thicker were a bit cakey in the middle but the thinner ones were perfect. So try again and maybe cut the dough 1/2 the size of the recipe and maybe cook for 12 mins instead of 10.
Awesome recipe! Thanks for sharing it! I was just wondering how many cookies does this recipe make? And also would I be able to half this recipe?
sfox92 years ago
I'm planning to make these for Thanksgiving. I was wondering, though, do I use coarse or fine sea salt? And I couldn't find bittersweet chocolate, should I use semi-sweet or unsweetened? Thanks so much, can't wait to try these!
scoochmaroo (author)  sfox92 years ago
The sea salt is up to you. I just bought some that's "coarse" and it's like rocks! Much bigger than I'd seen before. Either way, just have a light touch with it. Use the semi-sweet chocolate, since unsweetened would be too bitter.
MKosterich3 years ago
I have a pretty awesome cookie recipe as well... I think it is time for a bake off!
bowow08073 years ago
I had to healthy mine up one time, because i didn't have anymore APF all I had was whole wheat flour. But the cookies still tasted delicious!
manadhon3 years ago
I'll have to tell my mom about this.
She works at a nestle toll house cafe.
Bleu Eyes3 years ago
I made these cookies a few nights ago, and they were DELICIOUS!!!!!! Thank you for posting this instructible, I love cookies, and these were amazing:) Well done.
Dan395 years ago
uhhh just finished mixing it all and its kindy too mushy to roll into logs. im putting it in fridge for like 10 minutes, see if it gets a lil hardy so i can roll into logs ooo wait looks like you put some flour down on table? that may help like i said, i never cook lol
scoochmaroo (author)  Dan395 years ago
It might be too warm where you are, or the dough may be overworked. You did the right thing! Yeah, I added flour to my marble counter tops to keep the dough from sticking while I rolled the. Good luck, I have my fingers crossed for you!
it was like maybe 75-76 degrees F in kitchen.

yea we were mixing for like a half hour at least with electric mixer. like i said, im only 20, i never bake, so this all takes me forever to do lol.

i baked 1 log. the cookies flattened out a good bit... maybe i used 2 too large eggs or something?

well it looks like we put too much chocolate in. i used the 14 ounces like in the recipe, but when i put it into mix i scraped it off cutting board, and all the like tiny chocolate pieces and chocolate dust went it, maybe next time ill only put in the chip sized pieces...
Be sure that you don't *melt* the butter - it should be soft and at room temperature, but not melted - this makes a big difference. I know, because I used to do that - lol. It also sounds like you might have overworked the dough a bit - 30 minutes of mixer time sounds a tad excessive ;) As with all things, cooking requires practice, too.
oops.......no melting the butter
I have sliced the logs into discs as the recipe commands and i am currently preheating my oven. Then, to my terror, I wonder. Should I press the discs so that they spread out or not?
imbignate4 years ago
how many cookies does this recipe make?
A lot!
(About 25-45 depending on how big you make them)
Mauigerbil4 years ago
I have no pecans... Would peanuts work?
Probably not. They're good without nuts too, though.
aclark223 years ago
These are amazing!!! I used butter flavored crisco, semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips and omitted the nuts. I tried some with vanilla sea salt sprinkled on top and some without, and I enjoyed both. They are super sweet, so the salt helped neutralize that sweetness. I agree that these truly are the best! Thanks for sharing this recipe and the tips.
TheCritic3 years ago
Wow, This is something that I must try soon. Sounds fantastic. I am not much for sweets so it is hard to impress me with them. but I am excited to try this soon. Not only for me but my family cause they love sweets.
Thanks for posting this.
lola97243 years ago
I did EXACTLY as you said and did a tester batch before waiting 36 hours just to try how it would taste like but the cookies were really really reallly sweet.. i don't understand as i followed 1 cup (215 g) packed light brown sugar
3/4 cup (150 g) granulated sugar but it still was ridiculously sweet. Are the cookies supposed to be like this? :O
valkgurl3 years ago
I haven't tried these yet but they are on my "Over the Weekend" list---but an amazing addition to ANY Choc Chip Cookie recipe is 1/4 CUP of PURE MAPLE SYRUP.

Not the ":Mrs. Butterworths" fakey stuff but the REAL DEAL. I got this from an old Yankee Magazine recipe which is still very very good but have stolen the idea for other recipes.

Add this to the softened butter and eggs mixture---it may make the mix look funky or curdled but that is OK. It may also look a bit "seperated"--that is ALSO OK. Leftover syrup from Sunday breakfast or other meal is fine---if you don't want to pour your syrup back into the jug save it for this. If it is a bit shy of 1/4 cup that is OK too.

This will help with the liquid absorbtion in the fridge storage stage and also help get the crispy outside but gooey melty inside and add a subtle but delish flavor all it's own. You will NOT get the full-on maple taste you get from say poaching something in syrup; just a note of Mmmmmmmm.....What WAS that in there?

If you don't do the fridge step you should add a bit more flour to sop up some of the liquid you added with the syrup. Maybe a 1/2 cup say.
Kringlur3 years ago
I made these and had a problem. The cookies barely spread at all. I followed all of the instructions, tried 1/4ths of the batch without refrigerating and the rest normally. They also didn't get the crackle texture like in other people's photos.

The only difference is I used plain, white wheat flour instead of "all-purpose flour" (and I don't know the difference between them) and I didn't have enough chocolate and nuts so there were less of those.
ithompson33 years ago
can i make this with semi-sweet chocolate?
I wondered this myself as I was shopping for ingredients and could only find semi-sweet chocolate chips where I was shopping. I used those instead and I think they turned out pretty well.

According to what I am reading on the internet, the difference between semi-sweet and bittersweet is the cacao content (with semi-sweet being the sweeter of the two). I would guess that bittersweet would probably have made for an even more intense chocolate taste, but again, as I said, I used semi-sweet and it turned out fine for me.
jimbom3 years ago
Great recipe! I'm not the best cook in the world, but these cookies seem to have turned out really good. The sea salt was an excellent suggestion.

As I have been making these cookies, I just figured out that the cookies will be fairly soft when they come out, and then as they cool on a wire rack they get a little firmer. I didn't realize that and left my first cookies in for 15 mins instead of 10 trying to firm them up. Although the cookies were still good, they are definitely crunchier than the later batches where I stayed closer to 10 mins.
BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever made, AND the best I've ever tasted! I was short on resources so I used 2t baking powder instead of 3/4 t baking soda, only 12oz of chips, no nuts, topped w/ regular table salt, and 3/4 C canola oil instead of a stick of butter. I can't wait to make them again with the actual ingredients. I can't even imagine a better cookie right now. 8min. @ 350 had them at the perfect softness! Totally worth the hassle of making them in a cramped dorm room with no power appliances and then biking a mile in freezing weather to use the oven at my friend's apartment! warning: takes 30+ minutes to eat per cookie including savor time. I NEED MORE MILK!!!! I'm freaking out. these are brilliant. i'm gonna have to try making them over a fire sometime (i have a habit of doing that)
inferno11113 years ago
inject some chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding in it when you have them in logs its like the best thing ever
mloggins3 years ago
this really IS the best recipe! one might even consider subbing some (1 cup or so) of the flour with blended oats... bit of a different flavor, really yummy.
mikeltv13 years ago
I tried this recipe but without the chocolate or nuts because we didn't have any unfortunately, but they were good!
TinaFerrari3 years ago
I live in Italy and really have been missing chocolate chip cookies. It's hard to find the U.S. type of baking soda or powder here, and brown sugar is totally different. So, after a trip back to the States and a return to Italy with baking soda and brown sugar, I looked for a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies and found this one. I must say, I have always liked the Nestle Tollhouse recipe but wanted to try something new.
These were certainly delicious and the sea salt worked out well! The only problem is that butter here in Europe is more creamy and fatty than it is in the United States, so these cookies were more flat and chewy than if I had made them with American butter (though crunchy on the edges and oh so yummy!!!). I may add just a tad more flour, or less butter, or refrigerate them the whole 36 hours and see what happens.
In any event, my Italian SO is not complaining and took some to work with him this morning. :-)
vbhika3 years ago
Ok made a batch and put in the fridge and trying to not think about it lol. I substituted baking soda with baking powder cos I hate that baking soda after taste. Oh I also add 50 g of cocoa powder and I used only brown sugar. Will let u know how they came out
katiramom3 years ago
What kind of cookie sheet did you use? Airbake? nonstick? Does it matter?

scoochmaroo (author)  katiramom3 years ago
I find that as long as I use parchment or a silicone baking liner, it really doesn't matter.
jsmith2043 years ago
I followed the recipe almost exactly, used chocolate I had on hand (4 oz unsweet, 8 oz dark and a few semisweet chips to make up the difference) and Eagle Mills white/Ultragrain flour. I guess that's the reason they didn't spread. This is the flour I always use for everything and never had it affect the results like that, I'll need to adjust, probably use less flour (and I will try adding oats). However, the cookies were great and it sure is convenient to be able to mix the batter a day before I bake them. I forgot to salt the first batch, but sprinkled the second with sea salt from the grinder, wow, delicious! Thanks for the recipe!
donvil3 years ago
Based on my past cookie-baking experience, I thought 2 1/2 cups of flour wasn't enough. I used 3 cups, and it seemed just about right. Maybe some of those whose dough didn't set up and had the cookies spread out too much would do well to add a bit more flour.

I made the cookies before reading all the instructions so didn't wait 24 hours, and I omitted the nuts (grands' preference) and had only milk chocolate chips, but they were very good anyway. I'm looking forward to making the recipe exactly as stated, but with the extra flour.
stingle donvil3 years ago
You won't need the extra flour if you refrigerate them.
donvil stingle3 years ago
Thanks - will try that.
stingle3 years ago
I've made these twice - first time I waited 24 hours and they were great. This time I waited just over 36 hours and they are excellent! I followed the recipe exactly as stated (ok with the exception of using Nestle Tollhouse choc chips - next time I'll buy a block of good chocolate). The raw dough seemed a bit wet to me and if I hadn't planned on refrigerating it I would've felt the need to add more flour. However the refrigeration solidifies the dough and it's not a problem in the least.
I agree they are the perfect chocolate chip cookie! Last tray is in the oven baking as we speak - the house smells soooo good.......

- Sandra
lmasry3 years ago
Hi - I have a daughter with a nut allergy - what would be the best way to adjust these do you think? Another 200g of chocolate? Or do you ahve another great recipe without nuts???
I have made these cookies exactly as instructed many, many times. I don't always put the sea salt on top, simply because I sometimes forget to get it. I don't have a preference either way, with or without they still taste awesome. I have also made them right away and let them sit in the fridge as long as 4 days. I have found 2 days seems to have the best flavor, but that's just my preference. I am a pretty experienced cook so this was an easy thing for me to make. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone either looks at a recipe and says "Oh you're not doing it right you need this or that" or they make the recipe and don't exactly follow the directions and then say "Oh these were ok or this taste crappy". If you don't do it right, then you can't say it didn't turn out right!!! I always say make it like the recipe once, then change what you want the next time. But don't fault the author for doing something wrong when you didn't do it right in the first place. I, like the author, have tried many a recipe and these are by far the best. Everyone who has tasted them tells me they are the best they've had and I should open a shop! So A+ in my book!
barbian73 years ago
Can't wait to try these. Love the sea salt idea.
jasoncattnz5 years ago
So I take it that the Nestle Toll House recipe is the winner? I tried this recipe last week and saved half the dough till the next day. Unfortunately I raided the fridge during the evening and scoffed a third of the remaining log before it ever saw the oven. Luckily, common sense prevailed and the final results were indeed way better than the first batch. Great instructable, great cookies...
scoochmaroo (author)  jasoncattnz5 years ago
No, it's the David Lebowitz recipe for the win!
Glad you like them :D
I agree! The Nestle Toll House recipe sucks. :( Baked them multiple times now, between myself, hubby, and mother-in-law. I give up on their recipe and am giving these bad boys a try! Super excited!
spazzhero4 years ago
So I made them tonight for the first time. I am attempting the experiment portion Tonight I made a batch and baked just half of one of the rolled up dough logs. I let all sit for about an hour in the fridge then baked the first batch tonight.

Results, they were good, but nothing phenomenal. I will wait to see what happens tomorrow night after 24 hours in the fridge.
Okay, so I just made another batch after letting them sit for 24 hours and my final thoughts.

Good, but not amazing. From reading these reviews I was expecting something near mind-blowing, and sadly was disappointed. I followed the steps as perfectly as I could, I had all of the right ingredients, the only thing was maybe, maybe the butter wasn't room temperature. But it's not like they were puled straight from the fridge.

That and maybe the chocolate broke up in the mixer a little too much because my cookies looked like chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. Not golden brown chocolate chip cookies. On top of that I noticed none, zero change in the overall flavor from leaving the cookie dough to sit for 24 hours versus baking them straight away.

Despite this, I doubt that the flavor of these cookies can be increased by tweaking these two, possible little flavor influences to take what are in my opinion, perfectly good cookies, to the nirvana I was expecting.

Overall I was looking for a score of between 9-10. I would give these cookies a 7 or 8. If anyone has any idea if I may have made a major mistake elsewhere please feel free to let me know. I will make these again in attempt to perfect the baking process, but I am not expecting much change to the overall taste.
Aira.vj4 years ago
What's the best way to mix the ingredients if you don't have an electric mixer? Just use a fork? I imagine it'd be too thick to use a whisk, right?
imho...your hands. Nothing will be using your hands to mix dough like this, unless you have a powerful mixer such as a KitchenAid.
Twinmum4 years ago
waiting, waiting... made a batch up tonight to try them out. Just have to survive till tomorrow evening to cook them.
Micizzle4 years ago
I was wondering if these are soft or hard....
well that depends on how thick you make the cookies the thinner they are they are crunchier and the thicker they become crunchy edged and chewy the rest of the way
keithisit4 years ago
These are easily the best choc chip cookies I've ever made.
I made mine with less choc (250g) but at 70% cocoa butter and quite large 'chip' size it's still delish.
The first lot I made I didn't have baking soda so I substituted twice as much baking powder and I don't notice any significant difference in taste compared to a second round made with baking soda. Both lots of dough produced nice and plump cookies.
I have yet to try the sea salt but so far so good.
DiyProjects4 years ago
WOW! I just tried these, and they are honestly the best cookies I have ever tried!

great job! i love them!
batonas4 years ago
tried theese cookies a week ago and they where awsome I didnt find brown or granuladed sugar so I used ordinary and it worked great maybe it would be better with the right ingedient but it whas so good I had to duard them from being eaten by my brother.
OK--I finally read the entire recipe.
These cookies definitely need the baking powder.(Try 3/4 teaspoon)
They definitely do not need to be refrigerated for 24 hours.
They will be OK if you make them into golf ball size cookies before baking and remove from the oven in about 10 minutes when they are brown around the edges even though they look like they are not completely done, and let them sit on the cookie sheet for a few minutes.. .
Why is there no baking powder listed?
I made cookies once with just baking soda, and they tasted like metal.
I think that baking powder may have been left out of the recipe by mistake.
Make sure you have a pastry blender that will cut through the butter and blend everything perfectly (sold at Ollie's and Ebay, for example).
Then it is not that important that the butter is perfectly at room temperature.
If your cookies are too flat, the butter has become too warm.
Just refrigerate the mixture.
It is probably a good idea to make the cookies into golf-ball shapes in the beginning so that they are not too flat.
They should probably be left on the cookie sheet for a minute or two to let the sugar do its thing.
BEST COOKIES EVER! :D i mean ive been making cookies for years now, and i never had a recipe this good! :D
seamaas4 years ago
Scooch you are a genius, but what i found best is to wait 36 hours because they don't spread out as much and they rise higher. Anyways great recipes and keep up the good work

Shany1204 years ago
Yummy!! I have to try this!
rokitj4 years ago
YES SCOOTCH, my daughters fifth grade class says these ARE the best chocolate chip cookies they've had. Their teachers even stops their father to ask about them when he picks her up! Thanks
2bigbros4 years ago
Waiting is SOOO HARD!!!
Korlee4 years ago
I have a chocolade(chip) - nut - cookie resepy where about ½ of the chocolade is melted to the batter.. jummy!
lightnin94 years ago
Simply brilliant - we'd been looking for a good recipe for some time now, and these came out wondefully. :) Thanks for posting this!
SD4564 years ago

I have a question about the Ingredients. I only have baking powder, and I would like to ask, what happens if I use baking powder instead of baking soda ? Will it taste bad ?

Thanks in advance!
Sorry for my English!
Pretty darn good I must say. My co-workers certainly enjoyed them. The bittersweet bakers chocolate can be a bit pricey if you can't find it in bulk. I will probably go with semi-sweet next time to cu the budget a bit.

Keeping the log in the fridge overnight also did make a marked difference in the appearance. I baked about 1/4 right away and they were much flatter and more spread out than the ones I made after resting for 24 hours.
I had the exact same experience. While I liked the way the non-refrigerated cookies tasted (buttery with a more molasses flavor crusting around the edges), I have to say that once the dough sits overnight the chocolate taste really gets pushed to the fore-front and is highlighted by the other ingredients.

This was really fun.  I look forward to adding the "divide and conquer" type of chocolate chip cookie method in the future.
My favorite way to make these cookies so far is to add 1C coconut and 1C rolled oats. Perfect.
I'm surprised at the bittersweet chocolate as opposed to semi. I'm excited to try this recipe... tempted to add oatmeal to half the batch for the extra chew factor. Thanks for sharing!
I actually use 70% cacao chocolate for all my cookies. I prefer as dark chocolate as possible, because it's actually good for you, rather than just being fat and sugar
St Jimmy4 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing this! They are flippin' DELICIOUS!
Bori deLeon4 years ago
Holy freaking flying shnitzel ! So tasty. A huge diabetes sugar bom though,but so delicious.
I'm definitely going to be trying this next time.

I've been using the Joy of Cooking recipe for years and years now... lately I'm not happy with them anymore. Lots of spreading, not very pretty, and I feel as though I could do better. :D
I have the same knife as you!
valkurja5 years ago
Something for those who are coming up with flat cookies: I can't remember where I read it/heard it/watched it, but someone did an experiment on refrigerating dough for 24/48/72 hours. Evidently refrigerating for a day makes a huge difference. The dough gets a chance to rest and when you bake, the cookies come out much plumper.
From what I recall, 48 and 72 hours don't make that much of a difference. The biggest change will be in letting your dough rest for 24 hours.
My regular recipe freezes the dough for 30 minutes or so in balls... I've never had a flat cookie from that one. As I said in my own post, those cookies are just better in every way. I had such high expectations for this recipe.
I will indeed give this a shot.. probably tonight, but I have to say that little else besides crunchy chocolate chip cookies ruins them more than adding nuts. My go to have been "Perfect chocolate chip cookies", but I'm not sure if it's the CI version... the recipe is blurred without subscription. Mine freezes the dough first. Anyway good timing for this to be in the instructables email.
I baked some right away and put the rest in the fridge. I have to say thiswas a disappointment.
I'm one to change things here and there, but this time I went pretty straight up with it. I even used the mixer instead of my typical hand mixing, as per the instructions above. I don't like nuts in cookies, so I added some more chocolate - I read the dealio about chocolate to dough ration. :)
Anyway, 10 minute baking, they still didn't set after 20 minutes. I added another minute to the bake time of the next batch. After about the same rest time, they are better. Still softer than expected. None have a remotely crisp top crust. Soft all over. Third batch was baked for 12 minutes. After resting they are must better, with a little crisp and nice soft/gooey insides.

All 3 batches came out __flat__ for the most part. If not for the chips, they'd be practically like crepes. I feared this with so little riser in the recipe. They come out of the oven raised, but flatten while setting.

As for taste. Meh. Good, but not as good as the "Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe I normally make. I have two more rolls in the fridge and will bake them late this week.

I used Ghirardelli bittersweet (60% cacao) chocolate chips. They are larger chips and cause trouble when trying to slice the logs for baking.

Nice try. Perhaps for some these are perfect, but they probably a 3rd place for me. 2nd being the tollhouse recipe even.
Okay, so here's what I tried - it wound up being a little bit from most all the recipes. I started from the Cooks Illustrated recipe and went from there. I browned the butter a little, then tossed the walnuts in it and 'toasted' them that way. Didn't have brown sugar, so did the molasses thing, and also put in a tablespoon of honey to help keep them soft. Used semisweet chips because that's what I had. Added just a little vital gluten to address the bread flour in one of the recipes...didn't really make a difference, so I won't bother with that again. Did the salt on top thing, too. Chilled them 24 hrs - they still flattened out... Here's my thoughts: my regular recipe calls for a box of vanilla pudding. I prefer that so that stays in; also, liked the browned butter and nuts (will switch to pecans), but prefer the salt in the recipe, not on top. (Will switch to sea salt from table salt after a grind through the mortar and pestle.) I plan to add a touch more flour (1/8-1/4 cup), as these came out flatter than I like. Also, were a bit browner than I thought, too, but with all the sugar/butter/molasses/honey, its no wonder. All in all, though, this was a fun experiment, and believe that its every bit as much about technique as it is ingredients. I liked all the ideas and comments.
The photo of your cookies makes it mouth watering. I like it and am going to try it, but i cannot get brown sugar am going to brown my granulated sugar and also i am going to use drinking cocoa powder instead of the sweet chocolate. I keep you posted when its done.
A second option for exchanging brown sugar is use the same amount of white sugar less 1 tblspn, and put in 1 tblspn of molasses.
thinklisa5 years ago
I live at a high altitude (7,000) and can not find a good recipe. Most of the cookies turn flat. Any suggestions?
Check the high altitude directions on flour packages. It usually says to bake a little longer and/or add more of an ingredient or something like that.
Dig a deep hole? I'm not sure, maybe add some baking powder or find some sort of pressure cooker oven, that should fix the issue.
xsatria5 years ago
cool... for fasting break moment.
I like my cookies chewy. People always say "oh just under bake them and they'll be chewy!" Usually under baked cookies are squishier, not chewier. There's a difference. I almost always substitute a tablespoon of the sugar for some honey (lighter variety unless I want the honey flavor apparent). Honey is hygroscopic. It sucks moisture in from the air, keeping them moist and chewy. Just one tablespoon makes a big difference. Of course, I also use bread flour instead of AP and leave out one of the egg whites to increase the chewiness, but that's just me...
Now THAT is useful information. Why is that not general information. I love chewy gingernuts but not hard ones. Now I know how to do it - cheers =).
You're right, under baked cookies are squishier, not chewier... Until you leave them out overnight uncovered! Then they are chewy! Try it! I always under bake my cookies, then leave them uncovered until the next day. Perfect stick-in-your-teeth chewyness.
Another thing about "chewy" (I'm of the "crispy" camp myself ) - usually the "chewy" recipes have more shortening and less/no butter, and the "crispy" cookies are more butter and less/no shortening. Martha Stewart did a series about chewy vs crispy chocolate chip cookies one time - I don't remember her exact formulas but she presented 2 or 3 different butter/shortening ratios to select from, depending on where you wanted your cookies in the chewy vs crispy continuum. Of course, it *is* possible to overbake your made-with-shortening chewy cookies until they are very crispy, blackened, in fact... ;-( heh!
Dani19965 years ago
jeff-o5 years ago
I'm considering making these simply to one-up my mother-in-law and wife's cookies - would that be a mean thing to do?
judipe jeff-o5 years ago
This is your mother-in-law!!! Yes, that would be mean BUT if you make a batch make sure I get to try some. Maybe I'll make some before you get a chance.
jeff-o judipe5 years ago
Haha, busted! Ah, you know I'm a big show-off. And everyone knows it's impossible to out-bake you! I was planning to make some with the kids, but I don't have all the ingredients...
Too funny!
HELL NO!! do it to prove that us men ARE good at something other than lounging around playing videogames and making technological and useless stuff D: DO IT FOR PRIDE!! and the tastiness of cookies :P
fidibiri5 years ago
hammer98765 years ago
I have a friend who makes terrific chocolate chip cookies, but she won't share the recipe. What a jerk! She says if you don't use the exact same ingredients (butter vs. shortening) and the same procedure (the order of ingredients and their temperature), the cookies won't be the same. Thank you for sharing your recipe! And no, I won't be substituting. Well, except for the ... (just kidding!) Just for fun, how big are the large eggs? Could you weigh them and put that in the recipe? Thanks!
msdrpepper5 years ago
Scooch!! I really love the idea about the Sea Salt on top!! I've been gettin' into Sea Salt (my favorite so far is Celtic Sea Salt - look for them on FB etc)... and just recently I tried a new Lindt Dark Chocolate bar made with Sea Salt and it was AWESOME! I bet it would be good to take some of those bars and chunk them up to use in this cookie recipe ... but of course, it would change the whole attitude having chunks of chocolate vs chocolate chips. But like you say - every one can have their own adventure!!!!... here's a link, not sure if it works here or not: http://www.amazon.com/Lindt-Excellence-Chocolate-3-5-Ounce-Packages/dp/B002RBTXL2
HollyHarken5 years ago
If you have an Aldi grocery store in your area it is worth going there to buy your chocolate. They carry European chocolate which is far superior in taste. Plus it isn't very expensive compared to the chain grocery stores.
Great point, Holly - that is SOOO true - and Aldi's does have really yummo chocolate. Who cares if we've never heard of the Euro companies that bake them! How do you think Nestle and Hershey's learned to make chocolate in the first place? (oops I forgot, Nestlle' is a Euro company already.....!).
bighamms5 years ago
Not a pro baker, but the ingredients list calls for "bittersweet" chocolate and the pic show "semi sweet". These may actually be the same product. However, just reading the ingredient list, I dashed to the store to pick up a few items I was missing. Decided when i got there that the cookies weren't worth the cost as the "bittersweet" was $3.00 for 4 oz. After further review, looks like this cookie just got a whole lot more affordable.
scoochmaroo (author)  bighamms5 years ago
Well observed. I think I made 3 or four of the cookie recipes that day and they all called for different types of chocolate. I may well have used semi sweet in these or I may have just photographed the wrong bars - I honestly don't remember! I know I prefer bittersweet overall, so that's definitely my recommendation. But you're right - semi sweet is much more affordable!
There is another argument in favor of the more costly bittersweet chocolate, and that is, it's usually higher in the cacao content - which means more antioxidants - which means "healthy for you". So hey, pay the extra buck or two, eat these cookies, knowing you are IMPROVING your health (physical, emotional, spiritual, whatever!!), and it will drive your HEALTH CARE COSTS down, and it'll all average out, over the long haul, to be LESS costly! Health care should be so affordable, eh? ;-)
danlab bighamms5 years ago
There are several level of chocolate sweetness: from unsweetened, bitter-sweet, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate. Most people prefer semi-sweet or even milk chocolate in there cookies, but it is totally up to preference and all recipes are a little different.
Great solution for the vanilla debate - I made my own vanilla extract - cheap rum and vanilla beans! SUPER easy but it does take a couple of months.
pjamestx5 years ago
Hrm, I've become known as the "cookie guy" from my work with the NYT cookie recipe, so I might have to bust out some Pepsi Challenge action on your winning recipe. The NYT recipe calls for a little salt on top, but every time I do that, even in sparing amounts, the first bite always gets "Is that salt?", and not in a good way. I've always been a stickler for getting the butter to room temp, but haven't ever tried the same with the eggs. I'll try this recipe for my next batch, but if it doesn't get the same rave reviews I've become used to, then IT'S ON! Bake off at high noon!!! Ooh-eee-ooh-eee-ooooooh [western showdown music]
scoochmaroo (author)  pjamestx5 years ago
You're clearly putting on too much salt. And it really needs to be sea salt, not table salt. Fleur de sel if you're nasty.
I whole heartedly second Fleur de sel. It is a magical thing.
do you have to add brown sugar? cos i know if i by it, I' ll never ever use it again
valkurja5 years ago
There are a few people who have some really great ideas- I'd like to see their chocolate chip cookie recipes as well! Scooch, can't wait to try yours, but I'd like to see PJ's recipe, Lewis's- with the home-browned sugar ( I didn't know you could do that!) and definitely want to see Supersoft's recipe with the honey swap out!
scoochmaroo (author)  valkurja5 years ago
That is a great idea! You should ping the others about it. Maybe we should have a chocolate chip cookie speed contest?
wmcnally5 years ago
These look great. I have one suggestion though that will make them ten times better. Try using real vanilla. It is hard to find because it is not FDA approved. But you might be able to find it in some Mexican specialty shops, otherwise you'll have to smuggle some back from Mexico. It is defiantly worth it though I know that my grandmother swears by the stuff and always adds just a little more than the recipe calls for.
I'm sorry, but I am going to have to call you out on this as being dead wrong. I have seen double-blind studies done that show that 'true vanilla' vs. Vanillin in actually cooked baked goods is indistinguishable one from another; even Alton Brown says so. However, in the *raw dough* I can see where that could be true, because uncooked vanilla does have a better flavor from artificial, and that also has been proven. As far as the finished cookies go, it really doesn't matter. Next up: The FDA most certainly has NOT "banned" Mexican Vanilla! In fact, you can order it directly from Penzey's Spices online if you don't have a retail store near you. What you are thinking of is the fake Mexican vanilla that they sometimes pawn off on Gringoes made from Tonka Bean, which contains dangerous amounts of Coumarin, a toxic liver poison & anticoagulant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonka_bean. For the real deal, check this out: http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/p-penzeysvanillabeans.html Oddly, the Mexican extract seems to be a store-only product.
jeff-o wmcnally5 years ago
Whenever my parents vacation in Mexico, they always bring back a liter or two of real vanilla.
scoochmaroo (author)  wmcnally5 years ago
I'm a big fan of my Madagascar vanilla. I agree it's totally worth it!
aattura5 years ago
Yes- Sea Salt-- Yummm! It brings out the flavors even MORE intensely!!!
pjamestx5 years ago
Yeah, Cooks Illustrated is usually pretty good, but their recipe isn't the best. But they did teach me the spin/swap and spin technique, which has really made a difference. I use it for pretty much any baked good, and it does seem to help.
jebodi pjamestx5 years ago
ah, nevermind. of course i notice your next comment below 5 seconds after posting my question.
jebodi pjamestx5 years ago
what's the spin/swap technique, if you don't mind a quick rundown?
JohnSerthy5 years ago
wow I am defiantly going to check it!
stbgr5 years ago
Anything David Lebovitz makes is fine by me! When I remember to, I read his blog, and I "like" him on FB, but I don't have his cookbooks yet, so thanks for this recipe! I'm a cookie-making fiend in the winter (not this week when the avg temperature will be low 90s F though). :)
anres3215 years ago
they look so delicious !! :D
Gingher5 years ago
SOOOO pretty... :-) ~ Ginger
scoochmaroo (author)  Gingher5 years ago
How did yours come out? :D
No complaints here!! :-) I'll let you know when I try this specific recipe. I like the Toll house because the overall sugar content is lower.
lemonie5 years ago
Not, my sort of thing, but very well done for those who do love cookies.


zascecs lemonie5 years ago
hmmm... apparently he prefers eating fingers more now...
I'm very sorry. You must be a sad, sad person. Thanks, scooch! These ROCK!!

yesterday I was eating super-hot Welsh beef jerky, that's where my mouth is right now.

pjamestx5 years ago
Also, along with rotating the cookie sheet half way through, if you're baking two sheets at once, you should swap them at this point. However, I highly recommend only doing one sheet at a time.  I knew one sheet was better than two, but until my last batch of cookies I'd been lazy and was doing them two at a time.  My last batch, however, I did one sheet at a time, and they were by far the best cookies I've produced to date.  If you're taking the time to let the cookies set, then you should take the time to bake them properly as well!