Picture of Best Glass Cleaner Ever
I have used of ton of commercial bought glass cleaners for home and auto. And they all leave either the nasty ammonia smell or had streaks. I have seen the homemade glass cleaners, but vinegar( to me) smells nasty. But then all was changed when I found out about the baby soap glass cleaner.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
Are you ready for this humongous list of supplies... Just kidding

1. Spray bottle
2. Tear-less baby shampoo (name-brand or generic)
3. Table spoon

That's it!!! No nasty vinegar smell!! Amazzzzazzing!

Step 2: Mix It Up!

Picture of Mix It Up!
14, 2:27 PM.jpg
14, 2:27 PM.jpg
14, 2:28 PM.jpg
Ok get out your measuring cups and your chemistry set then put it all back where you found it...I said this is easy

1. Take 3 table spoons of the baby soap, add to bottle.
2. Fill with water
3. Shake

The bottle should have a slight gold coloration from the soap, but mostly clear. And will slightly bubble.

Step 3: Use It!

Picture of Use It!
After all mixed up, use it. Only a couple sprays will work.

It will truly have a streak-free shine. I have used this on mirrors, electronics (no direct spray), sunglasses, etc.

The smell will smell like the best thing ever, babies! No urination smell from vinegar and ammonia.

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ABCass1 (author) 2 months ago
Really! See you do learn something new everyday. Thank you!
tw862 months ago

also works good as anti fog too

ABCass1 (author) 2 months ago
When I first learned this I was a bit skeptic too
doodlecraft2 months ago

Wow, no way! Must try this!