Step 1: Heavy Duty Sticky Hand Wash Remover

Ever had something so sticky that it stays on your hands even after washing e.g pine resin and other things

Step 2: Hand Wash the Usual

Step 3: The Secret Stuff SALT !!

Salt or sugar anything granulated really the more abrasive the better

Step 4: Combine the Two and You Have Created Heavy Duty Hand Wash

Step 5: Wash Your Hands Normally

Step 6: Thanks for Viewing and Subscribe for More Ible

Wow that sounds like hard work thanks for the feedback
<p>Dish detergent and scrubbing powder is pretty good. The chlorine gas smell tells you that it is working! For my day to day grime removal I use liquid hand soap and borax.</p><p>Back when I used to commercial flat roof I always kept a can of D&amp;L Hand Cleaner around. For when you absolutely have to get the worst crap imaginable off of you. Foulness that was basically designed to hold up to 25 years of weathering.</p>
Yeah this is what I based my idea on thanks for the support
Should work well.<br>Seen other store bought hand cleaners that also have small gritty particles that help scrub off the dirt.

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