Introduction: Best Hvz Nerf Gun

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Do you play humans versus zombies?
If you do this is
The best
Nerf hvz

I can teach you how to make it, it's easy!
Call it the "Swiss army knife"
Of all nerf

Step 1: Modify Demolisher

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Sorry, but only block removal needed. If done wrong you will need to rewire it. That is why I did not include a mod guide :(. Just search on YouTube "lord draconal demolisher mod guide"

Step 2: Modulus Scilencer

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You need a silencer to be super stealthy. Zombies will never hear you coming

Step 3: Shield

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You need a shield to block the poisonous Zombie blood. Use the modulus shield to protect you. It flips up so its tacti-cool

Step 4: Stock

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You need a stock so you can stabilize your shot. If you want more guns, use the modulus 2-in-1 stock or if
You want more ammo, use the modulus mag holding stock.

Step 5: Leet Optic

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You need a scope to see better. Add a red dot sight and see zombies in the dark and light. It's on the pistol so you can maintain accuracy with a pistol

Step 6: Bayonet

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Make a bayonet (shoutout to nerfanator135) using nerfanator135's tutorial. I made mine slightly different. Attach tactically on blaster

Step 7: Sucses!

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You have successfully made a demolisher 5-in-1. Just use lots of 18 round mags and have fun wrecking zombies!


Wojonerfs222 (author)2016-05-08

Thanks a lot!

nerfanator135 (author)2016-04-25

This is really cool man!

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