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Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. This is the second arc reactor I made. I did not completely copy the prop in themovie. I created some new designs.
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Hi guys ,I 'm  from CHINA.Last month,I  made three  ARC REACTOR.This is the first.Please frrgive my broken English.
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I didn't have a lot of time to make a great Halloween costume this year so I figured I'd do something relatively simple that was still eye catching and cool. I wanted my Arc Reactor to look pretty rea...
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So this is just another arc reactor tutorial, offering pretty much the same as all the other tutorials and almost identical to my previous tutorial, or is it? I've made some key changes to the way I d...
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May 2010 New Reactor and Kit Available. I've updated this arc reactor design based on the recently released sequel. This newer instructable features better tips on how to make the fiddly parts and an...
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 I followed the ideas of many of the instructables on here to create my arc reactor.  I highly suggest looking at theirs if you have time to make one.  I did this for a college (can you believe it?! B...
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