Step 1: Serm

Sees: serm

A great region with many flat area to build and all 3 biomes close together.

Step 2: Dropthebass

Seed: dropthebass

Epic mountainous environment with many holes in the mountains.

Step 3: Ohman

Seed: ohman

Spawning on and island it is a great survival island seed although there is land nearby.

Step 4: Gimmeabreak

Seed: gimmeabreak

An awesome seed with flats, hills and water all close together surrounded by all three biomes.

Step 5: Ikred

Seed: ikred

An epic big island with plenty resources.

Step 6: Thanks

Thanks for reading this and please be sure to comment your favourite seeds and try out mine!
<p>how about the seed: Thanks.</p>
<p>Also, the seed karat is a good seed. It has iron exposed on the top of the ground. It might actually be outdated... But it's a great seed, and has tons of easy diamond, iron, gold, all that good stuff.</p>
<p>what he number</p>
<p>what he number</p>
My favourite seed is ogtagin
needs to be creative
gman47 go into world options while creating a world. select superflat
I'm not too sure but u should just google it
Best seed from this instructable is ohman
Mate try: its a pig It is the best seed ever
how do you get the really flat one on the Xbox

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