If your laptop plays very thin sound or other media device are playing very low sound that you can't just listen a music then this project is for you.

Step 1: Required Components:

1.50K Variable resistor

2.100uF Capacitor

3.470uF Capacitor

4.TDA 2822M IC

5.9v battery



Step 2: How to Make?

Just follow the video instruction.Everything is just embedded with that video.

Step 3: To View More Awesome DIY Projects:

Go to this link: www.amaderelectronics.com

Step 5: Conclusion

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Thank you everyone :)

<p>Nice and welcome to instructables.</p>
Thanks a lot. Please share this video
<p>great project ,,,well done</p>
<p>thanks buddy..keep sharing</p>
<p>Luv the dancing!</p>
You talking bout the Song bruh??
Yeah had some fun dancing
<p>hahaah..thanks mahn...please share this video. :)</p>
<p>Nice circuit design. You should enter this in the Amps and Speakers contest that is currently running.</p>
<p>Actually bro, This is not exact diagram there will be an output load of 1k resistor for safety.But I made the circuit for short cut .That's all.Btw thanks for the comment :)</p>

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