Best Portable Survival Kit





Introduction: Best Portable Survival Kit

You Will Need
1 Knife or multi tool for cutting things
several bandaidsfor small cuts or scrapes
some cash if your near a store you can buy food
rubber bands or similar for holding things together 
wound compressions for larger wounds or gashs
tweezers for removing shrapnel or lodged items
small screwdriver for prying and scraping
sparkler or flare to signal for help
pain killers for injuries
congestion and cold meds in case you get sick
suture and thread for sewing up deep cuts

some other things you could add
alcahol swabs
fishing line and hooks
flint and steel
lighter or matchs
 Cheaply cellphone
aloe Vera for burns
bug repelant
sun screen
solar blanket



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The question marks where meant to be smiley faces! Sorry about that! :(

Great survival kit! but the needle shouldn't be used for deep cuts unless the needle is disinfected! ( but it can be great for sewing up ripped clothes!)?


one thing that every survival kit should contain is condoms . no joke dead serious . they can make amazing water bags for collecting / storing water , they are sterile and so can be stretched over small wounds and cuts , can be used to keep food fresh in if tied at the end , can be stretched and used at a small piece of twine for repair , can be blown up and tied to act as a floatation device for a small bag , instead of having to swim with it on your back , can stuff a tshirt in to one while crossing a river , so you have dry clothes when you are done crossing , also can be used to water prove an electronic device in the event of heavy rain or the need to swim or can be used for many more things . but best to buy lubricant free ones if they are going to be for any one the above :P

I like this Idea will be adding this one to my kit

Okay you want advice not criticism... Here goes:

1. WHY did you pick all of these particular items?
2. What would you reccommend that you carry these in? Do they fit in an altoids tin or a backpack?
3. Label (tag) the individual items in your pictures.
4. Even though you are 13 you can still get condoms. If the lady in the store selling them looks at you funny just wink at her.
5. Spell check!!!

Not a bad start dude, but, refine it a bit. There are a ton of survival kits on this site maybe explain why these items are essential for YOUR part of the world.

good job... do a bit of study and fine tune your kit this is good everyday carry(EDC)

I am involved in search and rescue, a sparkler is great, what if it gets wet, so i would put that in a plastic bag. A trash bag is usually nice to have, doesn't matter the size, it will keep you dry which is always a must. Depending where you plan to keep this kit, if it is for camping or any outdoors activities you should have a compass, even if you don't know how to use it when looking at a map you can at least make sure you are not walking in a circle. Going along with the sterile bandages you should have a pair of gloves and most importantly some type of cliff bar, i.e. food that doesn't go bad. Hope this helps!