Picture of Best! Prank! Ever!
Real simple prank and freaks everyone out!!!

Step 1: Get a clean new spray bottle!

Picture of Get a clean new spray bottle!

You can find it as cheap as a dollar at the dollar store. Even if its new rinse it out befor using.

swonderland3 years ago
I would rather put glass cleaner in a Gatorade bottle and laugh when they die from the poison (:

That is so evil! I love it!!!!

well.......im not coming to your house on april 1

can it be any clear drink ?

pizzidave (author)  fisherman011 year ago
Yes, but the blue makes it look like window cleaner.
pizzidave (author)  fisherman011 year ago
Yes, but the blue makes it look like window cleaner.
Use apple juice instead and put URINE sample on the jar/bottle!

I used to work at a company, where they had a refrigerator to keep your
lunch in. I liked to drink apple juice, and everytime I went to get some. It was dranken by some one else...
So, I got a glass bottle and made a Urine Sample label, and low and behold, no one ever drank any!!!
pizzidave (author)  Greasetattoo4 years ago
Me and brother used to put beverages in our water guns and put them in the refrigerator. When cold, we'd drink it in sqirts while riding bikes. Well, my brother decided to switch the apple juice in one of them. There were many victims among our friends and I was weary of my brother.
Nice, I'll try it.
But you probably wanted to say LO and behold.
amandaggogo4 years ago
My older brother and I tricked my mom with this when we were younger. She freaked for a minute, before she realized it was just koolaid. Haha
I am Doctor jan itor and i do not approve of you using my prank without mentioning it in the instructables

stil.... nice prank
pizzidave (author)  richardossew4 years ago
Seriously!!?? I was unaware they did this on Scrubs. Did they??
The real prank is when someone switches your bottle with actual glass cleaner... Be careful...
pizzidave (author)  dantheman2724 years ago
Agreed!! Be aware of any bad pranksters.
nachozombie4 years ago
wouldnt it be more realistic if you kept the label on an spray bottle?
but if you had a chemical in the bottle befor even if you washed it out you could possibly get a mouthfull of harmful chemicals
pizzidave (author)  DELETED_jorgegunn4 years ago
Correct! And no prank is worth getting ill from.
welll then... take the label off of something then tape it back on a safe bottle..
pizzidave (author)  nachozombie4 years ago
Goo gone will take off a label when you saturate it with it. When you peel it off, let it dry and it can be reapplied like a new label. The adhesive will reactivate after the goo gone evaporates.
lemonie4 years ago
Could you qualify the use of "Best!" and "Ever!"?

You need to actually do this and take photographs of it.

pizzidave (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Lemonie, yes I can qualify the use of "Best!" and "Ever!"
When I'm refering to "Best!" and "Ever!", I'm speaking of the prank itself, not the actual instructable.

As for documenting it in photos, I have done the prank in the past, and did not have all the items on hand to do it, when I was writing the instructable. I wanted to enter in the prank in the contest so I used generic pictures. The instructions are super easy and don't really need visuals.

Now in regards to "Best!" and "Ever!". "Best" beacause of its ease to do and overall effect of the prank. "Ever" because window cleaner hasn't changed in a long time and is still toxic. It plays to classic notions that are still around today and will probably be around in the future as well.
sd2kool4u4 years ago
very interesting...........................