Introduction: Best Secret Hiding Spot

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Step 1: Tools

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You will need
-A big book you don't want

-An Exacto knife



Step 2: Step One

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Open to the hundredth page. On the right side of the book draw a square how big you want the compartment with your maker.

Step 3: Step Two

Take all the pages beyond the right side of the book ( including 101). Use the glue and every 10 pages together.

Step 4: Step Three

Let the glue dry. When the glue is dry glue all the 10 pages together. When that glue is dry, go to the page were you drew the square and cut the square out.

Step 5: Step Four

The cut out square is where you put your money or other things. ENJOY!!!!!!!


bobsley123 (author)2014-04-05

Okay thanks for the suggestion!! :D

craftclarity (author)2014-04-04

It'd be nice to see how you cut the square out...

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