In my Engineering class, my teacher told us that we had to invent or modify something and post it on the Instructables web site. I looked at three or four solar oven, and using their findings and ideas, I built the Ultimate SOLAR OVEN!  

This Solar Oven is very cheap and easy to make.  It uses around-the-house items that you use every day.  

I hope you enjoy my solar oven.

Ben G.

Step 1: What you need!

Like I said, almost all the items are things you find around you house.  You will need...

-1 big box (You probably want it to be a square box that is bigger than 2 feet long)
-1 small box  (It should also be square and 4-6 inches smaller than the big box)
-Styrofoam insulation (you can cut it up to fit in the big box)
-Black spray paint
-Glass (One person used glass from a broken scanner.  It will need to be big enough to cover the box.  You can also buy a sheet of glass and use a glass cutter to cut it so it has the right dimensions.) 
-Tape or glue
-Glass cleaner
-Pare towel
-Sharpe (who says it can't be pretty)
-Baking rack (optional)
-Timer (optional)
-If it isn't sunny, you can try a very bright light.  It probably won't work as well.

Once you have gathered all the materials, you may go on to the next step...
<p>Going to make this for my Science class!</p>
What was the point of painting the bottom black if you were going to put tin foil over it. I donut understand
<p>You only cover the sides with aluminum foil, so the bottom stays black to absorb heat.</p>
<p>Wasted step. </p>
WHAT is the use of glass?<br>
<p>Trap's hot air. You need a good seal around the glass. </p>
Where do I put the glass
Does anyone know this model is safe to boil water in?
<p>Water won't boil in it, but after a few hours on a sunny day you can get it up to pasteurization temperature at least (165F). </p>
<p>Step 5. How to keep flaps in place. </p><p>Don't they teach you anything in engineering school? </p><p>Duct Tape, duh! </p><p>sooner or later everything develops a deficiency of duct tape. You don't need the other universal problem solver: WD-40. But you could substitute 550 cord (or twine if you insist) for the duct tape, because... I'm betting you don't own any of it. </p>
<p>I don't want to be a spoiler here but you might consider a few changes to you oven design. First and foremost, never use any kind of foam, Styrofoam, spray in foam or the like in the solar oven. The foam, as it heats up, will out gas and fill your cooking chamber with poisonous gases. Second, you will want to use watered down white glue or homemade wheat paste glue for the foil. The scotch tape will quickly deteriorate in the heat and will release. If you do not wish to use glass, you can use oven bags. The kind you use for roasting turkeys work very well.</p>
<p>Thx Ben it was very helpful </p>
<p>you could also probably use saran wrap in place of the galss but im not sure</p>
<p>I think that the Saran wrap will just melt. You have to use glass or maybe plexi-glass.</p>
<p>no saran wrap isn't enough insulation</p>

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