In my Engineering class, my teacher told us that we had to invent or modify something and post it on the Instructables web site. I looked at three or four solar oven, and using their findings and ideas, I built the Ultimate SOLAR OVEN!  

This Solar Oven is very cheap and easy to make.  It uses around-the-house items that you use every day.  

I hope you enjoy my solar oven.

Ben G.

Step 1: What you need!

Like I said, almost all the items are things you find around you house.  You will need...

-1 big box (You probably want it to be a square box that is bigger than 2 feet long)
-1 small box  (It should also be square and 4-6 inches smaller than the big box)
-Styrofoam insulation (you can cut it up to fit in the big box)
-Black spray paint
-Glass (One person used glass from a broken scanner.  It will need to be big enough to cover the box.  You can also buy a sheet of glass and use a glass cutter to cut it so it has the right dimensions.) 
-Tape or glue
-Glass cleaner
-Pare towel
-Sharpe (who says it can't be pretty)
-Baking rack (optional)
-Timer (optional)
-If it isn't sunny, you can try a very bright light.  It probably won't work as well.

Once you have gathered all the materials, you may go on to the next step...
Does anyone know this model is safe to boil water in?
What was the point of painting the bottom black if you were going to put tin foil over it. I donut understand
WHAT is the use of glass?<br>
<p>insulation. Without it, the heat will just escape</p>
<p>Hi i'm just wondering if the glass is compulsory or if you can replace it with something else? <br>Thanks</p>
<p>i went and bought a ginormous picture frame from the dollar store and used the glass from it if that helps</p>
<p>you could also probably use saran wrap in place of the galss but im not sure</p>
<p>no saran wrap isn't enough insulation</p>
Doesn't make sense to paint it black then cover with aluminum foil. I say skip the painting step. You DO want to put black cooking pots in it to convert the light energy into heat. Solar cooking recipes even say you can bake a potato by putting it in a black cotton sock! <br>
<p>If you paint it black it traps more heat in just fyi and I knew that </p>
<p>You paint the bottom black to absorb the heat, you don`t put the tin foil on the bottom just the four sides like it says!</p>
<p>It may not seem to make sense when you first think about it because visible light can't pass through aluminum, but keep in mind it's not the visible light that's cooking the food, but the infrared light, what we commonly refer to as heat. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, and hence the heat travels to the other side of the aluminum and is absorbed by the black surface. Black surfaces absorb both visible and infrared light. The heat absorbed will slowly radiate back out, increasing the temperature in the oven. You can set up an experiment to test this out, by making two ovens, one with black material under the foil, one without, and checking the temperature of both to see the difference.</p>

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