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Introduction: Best Strawberry Hull Hack

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Strawberry hulling can be truly difficult but not with our tip.

Step 1: Tools

You can use a knife, a straw, a coffee spoon or just your hand.

Step 2: With Hand

If you hull with your hand it’s hard to strongly squeeze the leaves and you can easily crush the berries.

Step 3: With Knife

Cutting the end of the strawberry with a knife is easy but you waste a piece of the fruit.

Step 4: With Straw

Using a straw can be good but it is slow and hard to target the leaves from below.

Step 5: With Coffee Spoon

We think the best way is to use a coffee spoon it’s quick, easy and there is no wasted part of the strawberries.

Step 6: The End

That's Simple!

This is the ShiftyWay! ;)



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