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Every summer, my friends and I spend some time together at a beach on the CT side of Long Island Sound. We are always finding refreshing, delicious drinks to make for each other while we are soaking up the sun. This one, which is similar to a "Left Bank" is one of my favorites.

Step 1: Gather What You Need

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  • Good quality Gin
  • Elderflower liqueur
  • White Wine
  • lime, cut in twists
  • ice cubes
  • mixing glass
  • shot glass
  • strainer
  • martini glass

Step 2: Mixing the Martini

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1. In the mixing glass, put 4-5 ice cubes

2. Pour in 2 shots of Gin

3. Pour in 1 shot of Elderflower liqueur

4. Pour in a generous splash of white wine

5. Using the strainer, pour into martini glass

6. Garnish with additional lime twist or gently squeeze lime twist into drink

7. Enjoy responsibly - this one has quite a kick!


Judy2016 (author)2016-03-20

I can't wait to make one --as soon as summer is here.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-03-20

Nice. Now we just have to get summer here sooner.

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