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Introduction: Best Survival Kit

About: I like playing guitar ,hunting ,and fishing ,playing basketball but I am really just a simple county boy

To start of gather materials you need 2lighters,2flashdrives,a big Cotten candy container, sewing tools,3 sharpies,screwdriver and bits, two trashbags, lipbalm,spices,two para cord bracelets,highlighter, strong flashlight,electrical tape and medical tape,cross Medaline,two pocket knifes,ibuprofen,and rope. Then put the stuff in with the straighter things first then put the bigger things in then put the lid on and tape it and you have a survival kit Tell me what you think this is only my second indestructible



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    This may be the best survival kit for your situation but not for mine. As a pagan I have no use for a cross MEDALLION and I'm not sure what purpose a flashdrive or sharpies would serve in the woods or swamps. I think you mean this is your second Instructable, as such a better listing of materials, perhaps under each picture or use the option to put the information on the picture. I also hope this works as INSPIRATION to triple check spelling and punctuation or to pay attention to spell check. Thank you for sharing your project

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    Nobody cares that you are pagan. Check your defense mechanism at the door and be nicer.

    The author requested comments on how to improve their instructable. I am sorry that you misconstrued my comments as defensive or offensive, they were intended to be constructive criticism. I could as easily have used Jewish or Buddhist in place of Pagan when referring to the usefulness of the cross for myself or other non christians who may read this instructable. I stand by my statement that this may be the best kit for the author but not necessarily "THE BEST" for others as well as the rest of the comment.

    What is this thing "cross Medaline" i don't recognize what purpose it serves?
    Tried, but didn't find any useful information with google.

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    He meant to write "The cross medallion is for inspiration."

    The cross medaline is for insperation

    Perhaps a lifestraw or a some water purification tablets? Also, the sewing kit should either include some pre-threaded sutures (or butterfly skin closures), some betadine wipes, and a pair of tweezers. You can raid them out of most emergency suture kits.