If you've every owned one of these things you'll know that the suction of the vacuum leaves much to be desired. Also a problem with these units are the rechargeable battery packs. The packs themselves (which the company will tell you that they aren't replaceable---but you can rebuild them yourself for under $20) are probably okay, but the the charging system is just a 9v power transformer that trickle charges the batteries. If a person leaves this on the charger constantly they'll eventually kill the battery with overcharging.

I did contemplate finding a dead 12v drill and rigging the battery holder from it to this unit. Step down the power to 7.2v and it'd be a pretty nice set up. But no. I went nuts.

I took radical measures to bypass the bad suction and battery issue after the batteries in mine kicked the bucket.

Step 1: Poor Dead Thing

Here is the patient laying in the operating theater, practically lifeless.
That's a Swiffer with power!
You're like the Victor Frankenstein of small appliances!

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