Step 19:

This Long-Exposure Equatorial Mount was designed to track star movement for astrophotography. Using laser cut parts and carefully engineered mechanical ratios, it follows the night sky to take clear and crisp long-exposure pictures of the stars.
<p>Great and funny </p>
<p>Awesome! I really liked this, Are there any other ones like this one?</p>
<p>Randolfo,</p><p>Very impressed by your summary and also this great format. Hat off.</p>
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I think this is awesome!!! good job man
Great job! These are all really awesome projects! You always post great Instructables!
Quite cool that Pandora's Box!
cheers, i dont get out much
A zeppelin has a rigid structure. This would have to be a blimp. (technically) :)
Nice catch , it's worst then that though . A zeppelin is a rigid airship made by the Zeppelin Airship Company . Any others are rigid dirigables &quot; steerable airships &quot; . Still it's a great idea . Nice to know there are other airship fans out there .
sounds like you had a &quot;Communication Breakdown&quot; get it? you know like the song?commu... ok i'll stop now
Great collection. Just going through all of them makes me feel charged to jump to my desk and make something new...
Thank you! I've benn following Instructibles for about 5 years and it just keeps getting better. This is a great way to see both the breath and the best on the site that is becoming a bit too large and intimidating sometimes. My only other comment is maybe do this monthly instead of once a year? Thanks again!
Thanks for the feedback. Noted. I'll keep an eye on what a monthly overview might look like.
Wow, to find my Pico Blimp among a selection of such great projects! <br> <br>Thanks!
Visions of Apocalypto are now dancing through my head!
Thanks for doing this excellent selection for us.
I still can't get over how clean that freeform headphone amp is. It's just perfect in every way.
This is a great list, there are always so many cool projects here it's easy to miss them. I was surprised at how many I'd not seen before!
These are really cool.
Very good
As a bonus, project 31 should add the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Prank-Box/">Prank Box</a>, made by <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/randofo/">Randy</a>.<br /> A technology project mixed with mischief, this sealed box has only a key slot (key came separately) and a warning not to use the key slot.&nbsp;I like this project because you deliberately want to disobey the warning and crank that key, no matter your better judgement, which will&nbsp;inevitably&nbsp;complete the prank you know is coming.<br /> <br /> Randy pranked me with this; he pranked me good.<br />
Cool!!! Thanks for putting me in there!

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