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Introduction: Best Way to Peel Peaches

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Stone fruit season is by far the most delicious time of year. Learning the best way to peel peaches has made eating lots and lots of them quickly, super easy. Peach pie, peach cobbler, peach jam, peach juice, peach compote, peach ice cream, etc. :)

Step 1: Choosing Your Fruit

The easiest peaches to peel are ripe ones. So make sure you take the time to pick ones that are soft to soft-ish as opposed to hard*.

*If all you can find are hard ones, not to worry, I'll tell you the best way to peel those too in Step 4.

Step 2: Supplies

Here's what you'll need:

- large cook pot filled with water
- slotted spoon
- large bowl filled with ice and water
- ripe peaches (of course!)

Step 3: Warm It Up

Boil the water in the pot, and using the slotted spoon, lower the peaches into the water one by one. Leave them in for 30 seconds, turning the floating ones over often so that the entire skins get a decent amount of time in the water.

After 30 seconds, remove them all from the water and place them in a strainer.

Step 4: Plunge & Peel

Plunge the peaches into the ice water for 30 seconds each and use your fingers to remove the peels. If the peaches were ripe, the skin will just slide off. If the peach was just kind of ripe, the skin will take a bit more coaxing from your fingers. If the peaches weren't ripe at all, you will need to use a knife to remove the skin. (It should still be easier than if you hadn't done the hot/cold process.)

Now you can get busy making those pies. If you happen to have extra, let me know! ;)



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Because to make peach pie or Peaches and Cream you need the peaches peeled well I prefer peeled peaches in Peaches and Cream but it is not necceessary exept for the Pie!

Non country people...

We know that 90% of the "good for us" is in the skins of most fruit and vegetables.

It is Ok, they are happy without them, we are happy eating the skins of Apple, Potatoes, Grapes... ETC.

Best Regards

244 Jake

Why peel peaches? To get rid of that icky, yukky peach fuzz! Ewww!!!

For pies of course. Otherwise I love them just the way they are too. ;)

Um, one question, having bitten into MANY yummy succulent peaches, why the hells would you peel it? The texture of the skin adds to the experience.

2 replies

Some people are allergic to the skin but not to the fruit itself.

But havent you heard of either an epi-pen, or dying with a smile???

Just like tomatoes. Thanks.

I have seen so many things .... but it's the first time I see a striptease of a peach!


Skins have vitamins and fiber, no?

Well, I live in Georgia, the peach state, and I'm writing to tell you this instructable is making my mouth water!

So weird how like 90 people are saying "Why would you skin a peach or a tomato?" Whaaat?!? Um, for pies,cobblers,jams,canning,sauces,pickling. Nobody peels a peach to eat it like an apple, you just wash it and eat the skin naturally. Likewise with eating fresh tomatoes. FYI, you can do this to peppers and there's a very good reason to... Pepper skins are indigestible and cause some people (like me) stomach upset, but if I skin the peppers I'm fine. Also, a roasted pepper should be skinned so it's good for that too. Bon appetit

My grandmother used to do this! Thanks for reminding me.

for jam i use them skin and all. never made pies so I don't know but when cooked the fuzz disappears, at least in the jam. Besides fuzz is just evil to touch. I hate it! My mom hate it. Gives us the willies just thinking about touching it and that peeler thing put my teeth on edge.

But why not use this? Easy, cheap, convenient, and it can peel nearly every fruit

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2 replies

Why not use that...because it is filthy perhaps?

Seriously though unless someone dislikes the skin or it is required for whatever is being prepared just eat it skin and all! I wasn't aware of the ability to skin using the hot/cold method until now.

I believe this works for tomatoes also.