Picture of Best Way to Clean CD's
This instructable is the best way to clean a cd. All you need is some lighter fluid, a dusting cloth and a dirty cd.
1.Evenly cover the cd with the lighter fluid.
2. Use the cloth to rub the fluid in with.

The method is quick, easily and leaves the cd or dvd sparkling clean or like brand new.
Soksume2 years ago
it would evaporate almost instantly there is almost no risk of the laser igniting it .
Lighter fluid leaves a thin layer of oil. It is a petroleum product and does not evaporate "instantly", It remains flammable for quite some time or it wouldn't work in cigaret lighters.
Soksume Soksume2 years ago
that doesn't mean i support this idea as it can melt some plastics
Tibeca2 years ago
Yes, lighter fluid. Although there are many other great cleaning methods, there's nothing like seeing your entire cd or DVD collection go up in flames while by an open heat source, like a fire place or such. Oh and also be careful where you place and store that dusting cloth after first use. Side question, can anyone tell me how the laser will react once cleaned with lighter fluid? Just curious if that or player could ignite?
csimpkins2 (author)  Tibeca2 years ago
Never has and probably never will ignite ( it also takes a fool to store his prized cd collection next to a fire place)
die potato2 years ago
Lighter fluid?