Best Way to Strip Magnet Wire





Introduction: Best Way to Strip Magnet Wire

If you're like me, you've been searching for a better way to get the insulation off of magnet wire.  Sure, there is the easy solder magnet wire with the insulation that turns to flux, but for one reason or another, you will eventually end up getting stuck using the good stuff.  Thankfully there is a cheap, easy, fast, and dangerous method of completely removing that stubborn insulation without damaging the copper in any way.

You definitely have to wear gloves and a face shield when doing this.  There are also fumes that come of which are probably not good to breathe.  Yeah, that didn't stop me either.  See the video for details.



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why not just either burn it off with a soldering iron and solder? or if you must use a chemical use paint stripper

Good job. Looks like it works well.

The pros flame it off. I've seen it on How its Made. I don't play with magnet wire too much myself, but when I do I scrape the insulation off with a hobby knife. It isn't easy, but I manage it. Often when magnet wire is in place there is no other alternative really.