Introduction: Best Worst Fire Rocket Powered Foam Plane Ever

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If you want IMMEDIATE RESULTS, skip the instructions and go right to the video!

Step 1: Tape

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Tape the Rockets to the Plane.

Step 2: Taped

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Step 3: Measure for Center Accuracy

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Play with the weight of placement to get a nice location. I tested throwing the plane after the rockets were attached - It flew better than ever! (NOT FOR LONG)

You know what? Perhaps we should measure first, cut second as they say. Don't regret placement AFTER taping and be all mad. Tape afterwards. Which step is this? Oh man, so bad a this..

Step 4: FUSE

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Add some nice cannon fuse for ease of lighting. Measure the burn per sec/ft and do the math. Or don't. It'll get there eventually.

Step 5: PVC Launch Base Optional

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I had some scrap PVC base that held it almost perfectly for launch. Be creative and find something that will launch it depending on how much firepower you put on your plane.

Step 6: Go From THIS:


Step 7: To THIS...

Picture of To THIS...

Look at the progress.
One step further...

Here's the video again for those of you who wanted to actually read the instructions.

It truly is an amazing day when we get to light things on fire and blow stuff up.



Swansong (author)2017-05-22

Fun idea, too bad it didn't fly far. Maybe a more stable base could help?

Pyrojason (author)Swansong2017-05-22

Most likely. That, and a whole lot more firepower. Bottle rockets are surprisingly just powerful enough to lift themselves.

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