Best and Easiest Way to Throw a Card





Introduction: Best and Easiest Way to Throw a Card

Tired of learning card throwing? I made it in 2 minutes :D

Someone can say that this is the same:

But i was trying to throw about half an hour.

With mine just 2 min.

Step 1: Needs

You will need:

-card (s)


Step 2: Grip

This is easy. Right-up card corner should be in space between middle and first finger. Low-right corner as in photo.

Step 3: How to Throw

Just move your wrist . Don't use your elbow. Look on photos

Step 4: Another Technique

The same as in step 2 and 3 but with another side . This is less accurate, but sometimes stronger.

Step 5: Video

You can see my throwing. :D

P.S I have been doing this since yesterday. This is my first instructable.




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    I found another wrist technique

    Let's visit to learn how to throw a playing card so far, exactly and so strong

    I once heard of a guy who could throw a card over 2 houses.

    dude if you refine your throw and add other throws the jay grip etc. you can punish fruit and stick it in drywall which is kick ass but don't do at someone elses hows(except hated neighbors)

    Whats the Jay grip???

    the jay grip is a style of throwing made by an expert thrower, ricky jay. He can throw over 200 feet and his style is well known to throwers just google ricky jay i gtg for now

    200 feet?? dam i can only do like 50-75..LOL

    I threw my high school lunch card from the entrance of our gym to the weight room, which is like 40 yards. However, the card was plastic and easier to throw than a playing card. Also, I watched a video featuring a guy who holds the world record. Rick something Jr. threw a card 200-something feet. the video showed him throwing cards from his backyard into his front yard by curving them around his house.

    our school lunch card suks's only a piece of paper that's laminated