Best IPhone Prank Ever!





Introduction: Best IPhone Prank Ever!

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Its Hillarious! Please vote!

Step 1: Who It Will Work On

This prank will work for people that is bad at the "Auto Correction"

Step 2: Settings

Go to settings

Step 3: General

Click general

Step 4: Keyboard

Click keyboard

Step 5: Shortcut

Click add new shortcut

Step 6: The Important Part!

Now type something funny in the "Phrase" box then a word your friend Texts often in the "Shortcut" box!

Step 7: The Funny Part!

now when your friend texts that word the phone will correct it!

Step 8: The Prank

You may get lucky if they send it! its hilarious! even better if they send it to there girl/boy friend!!

Step 9: WARNING!

WARNING: don't blame me if you get hurt :)


Please vote! And thx for viewing! :)

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    10 Discussions

    i had thought of this idea myself, but i didn't post an instructable saying how to do it, and now you did. Darn it! anyway, nice instructable. i might make one like this for the remix contest, okay?

    I did this to my sister.

    some funny things you can change are
    and-Turn off your device now.

    and replace good with(a 60 pound bag of butter)
    that way when they say i'm good how about you it will change to i'm a 60 pound bag of butter how about you...... check this out.

    Sooooo funny!

    have you ever watched tobuscus auto correct on you tube.

    I've found autocorrect capable of doing these sorts of devious things without further intervention. That's why it's turned OFF.

    It's definitely an appropriate gag for people who like to spell "cool" as "kewl" etc.

    This is actually pretty good! I'm going to have to try this on my sister!