Its Hillarious! Please vote!

Step 1: Who It Will Work On

This prank will work for people that is bad at the "Auto Correction"

Step 2: Settings

Go to settings

Step 3: General

Click general

Step 4: Keyboard

Click keyboard

Step 5: Shortcut

Click add new shortcut

Step 6: The Important Part!

Now type something funny in the "Phrase" box then a word your friend Texts often in the "Shortcut" box!

Step 7: The Funny Part!

now when your friend texts that word the phone will correct it!

Step 8: The Prank

You may get lucky if they send it! its hilarious! even better if they send it to there girl/boy friend!!

Step 9: WARNING!

WARNING: don't blame me if you get hurt :)


Please vote! And thx for viewing! :)
<p>i had thought of this idea myself, but i didn't post an instructable saying how to do it, and now you did. Darn it! anyway, nice instructable. i might make one like this for the remix contest, okay?</p>
I did this to my sister. <br> <br> <br>some funny things you can change are <br>yes-no <br>no-HAHAHAHAHA YES <br>but-butt <br>and-Turn off your device now. <br> <br>and replace good with(a 60 pound bag of butter) <br>that way when they say i'm good how about you it will change to i'm a 60 pound bag of butter how about you......
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uEDTM2g3WQ check this out.
Sooooo funny!
have you ever watched tobuscus auto correct on you tube.
I have heard of this before but now i know how!
I've found autocorrect capable of doing these sorts of devious things without further intervention. That's why it's turned OFF. <br> <br>It's definitely an appropriate gag for people who like to spell &quot;cool&quot; as &quot;kewl&quot; etc.
This is actually pretty good! I'm going to have to try this on my sister!
you sir are just plain old devious.

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