This year in food brought us a host of tasty treats, fanciful fare, and colorful quaffs.  We learned new techniques for the finest chicken, the simplest corn, the easiest cheese, and the healthiest French fries (ok, I might be pushing it there). 

But in true Instructables style, the stand outs range from silly to outrageous.  I love seeing the experiments that result in see-through potato chips, and the inception-style surprise of discovering spaghetti inside your meatballs, strawberries in your cupcakes, and oreos in your brownies (well, that one was mine, so I wasn't actually that surprised).  I'm fortunate enough to say I was present during the public unveiling of bacon Jello, and even experienced it myself. I can also confirm that wrapping banana stems in plastic does indeed keep them fresh longer!

Here are the top 20 most viewed food Instructables from 2012.  I hope they entertain and inspire you to try something new in 2013!