To start a fire you need good tinder. Tinder = fuel for the fire. Than you need oxygen and heat (spark, flame, friction, sun rays, chemicals, etc) to form a "fire triangle".

Tinder usually comes from natural dry material.

One of the best tinders are:

+Birch bark
+fine inner dry wood shavings (dead spruce branch is perfect)
+fine dry previous season grass

We will check out, which tinder is great for firestarting, and which is not.

In each series heat will be provided by firesteel/rod - bright and hot spark.

Step 1: Gather Up Dry Clematis Flowers

They grow almost in every forest. Pick them up.. they are fluffy and soft and thin. And they seam as a perfect tinder choice.

Step 2: The Verdict


The dry Clematis flowers just smolder and don't catch fire. Avoid and don't waste time with this babies. Find an alternate tinder solution.

<p>Try this, bulrush or cattails found near water or in a swap.</p>
Hi. Yes, cattails are one of the best tenders. Especially if you combine them with some other materials. I will add more videos with different tinder, good and bad. Haven't seen anybody making a tinder comparison videos. Thanks for your post.

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