Picture of Better Binder
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- A 'Better Binder' ( available at staples in a variety of colours) - any large gift bag (I recommend the dollar store, as they carry many varieties, I once used a yellow bag with white polka dots, but really any one will do fine if it matches the binder, mine was purple, so I found a bag that matched) - Scissors

Step 2: Cut The Bag

Picture of Cut The Bag
Cut the bag 13 - 15" long (the one I used was already the right width), then guess and check with the height until the paper from the bag is the right height.

Step 3: Insert The Paper

Picture of Insert The Paper
photo-2013-09-06 4:17 PM.jpg
photo-2013-09-06 4:17 PM.jpg
Slip in the paper then you're done! Also you might want to try adding labels to customize it. Enjoy you 'Better Binder'!